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Fruit Attraction 2016

Fruit Attraction 2016. A global showcase for Obeikan MDF

The Fruit Attraction 2016 took place last week in Madrid. It is one of the most important trade fairs in the fruit and vegetables industry. The international event welcomed 1.200 participant businesses from 30 different countries. This helped gather about 55.000 industry professionals at the same event.

Obeikan MDF had a distinguished presence at the fair through its clients. Brands of relevance like Fresón de Palos, Natur Green, Mifra, Bollo, Caparrós, Peyró Camaró, Brio, Hoogstraten (“Denberk Delice”), Ayecue (La Rioja), Grufesa, IGP Cítricos Valencianos,  Pomme Aliance, among others, showed their Obeikan MDF-fabricated packaging.

One of the most viewed display racks was EDEKA. The supermarket leader in distribution (with more than 12.000 stores) decided to promote their image through the containers Obeikan MDF made for one of their most successful promotions. The innovative design of these containers was very well received by the attendees and meant a new opportunity to showcase how the work method at Obeikan MDF is based on a firm bet on innovation.

Fruit Attraction 2016 served to confirm the growing visibility of the campaign through its clients. It was also the perfect space for the entire Obeikan MDF sales agent team and the General Manager of the firm, Salvador Martínez to visit the company’s clients and create new collaboration relationships with other important entities of the industry.