Shopper decisions made in-store

Today we analyze a study about the shopper decisions process made in-store that OgilvyAction has made public. This study reveals the resulting conclusions after more than 14.000 interviews to shoppers around the world.

Based on the quote “70 percent of shopper purchase decisions are made in store”, this customer behavior analysis tries to investigate what the different kinds of decisions that the clients make while shopping are thus generating actions that activate the purchase of every brand in the store.

One of the most highlighted facts claims that 28% of the clients of a store go into the shop without having decided what brand they want to buy, although they know the category of their product (food, furniture, makeup products, etc.). All this information reveals a great truth; the consumer waits until they arrive to the store to make the decisions that will determine their shopping.

That is why, from Obeikan MDF we are committed to an innovative and attractive design in the production of the packaging. We work daily to capture the attention of the final consumer in store and in that way finally convincing that large group of indecisive shoppers.

Our packaging provides extra visibility to the brands we collaborate with, standing out at the store in the perfect moment in which the consumer is going to make the purchase decision. You can find more advantages of our products clicking here.


In Obeikan MDF we have developed a design, adaptable to a very particular socket inspired in the concept of a box of chocolates. Although it is a container that was initially developed for applications of strawberry, in this next season of cherries we are working to provide the best service. We are proud to be the only one in the industry that has achieved success in this format. We continue working every day to get more innovative designs to continue looking for the next trends and opening the way.