Guillermo Olas and Beatriz Fraga, new additions to the Obeikan MDF team

In Obeikan MDF we continue to expand our team to achieve the best results in our professional activity. Throughout this month we have had two incorporations that will bring a very variable experience to the company.

Guillermo Olas joins the team as Area Sales Manager of France and Morocco. Guillermo is French but has a Spanish mother and came to Spain at 21 to continue the family tradition of his father, who also developed a commercial career. His education has always been focused on the commercial sector, continuing his studies as Certificate of Higher Education in “Force de Ventes”.

In recent years he has been linked to the packaging sector more directly, as an export manager in a company dedicated to flexible packaging. Guillermo joins us to reinforce existing clients as well as develop and expand the market in France and Morocco. He is bilingual in Spanish, French and English.

Beatriz Fraga joins us as Executive Assistant of Management. Beatriz is Galician and has developed her career in the Basque Country. Her education as Management Assistant in the Deusto University opened the doors of a major German automobile company, where she worked for more than 10 years in a similar position as the profile she will develop in Obeikan. Beatriz joins us as support to the management and reinforcement to the Department of Marketing.

We continue to grow and surround ourselves with the best professionals to keep achieving goals and challenges. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


A new international project: packaging for Golden cherries in the Chinese market

In Obeikan MDf we handle every new collaboration as a challenge to get to offer a product that fits the client’s needs. On this occasion we introduce you to one of our most exotic and exclusive works along with Royal Crane, from Sutherland S.A. Produce, which is one of the biggest cherry marketers in North America. This company grows in different countries around the world to guarantee a 12-month supply to their clients in North America, Europe and above all, Asia, its most important market.

Through this project, our packaging bursts into the Chinese market with more strength than ever as this production will be destined to a promotion model of limited edition of cherries of great quality that will include a cherry of 1 ounce gold of 24 carats.

Traditionally, in China, a box of cherries can be sold for several hundreds of dollars since they are a common present on special occasions like the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Chinese New Year. According to one of the managers of the company “With this product, we head towards an extremely small market niche, but, although the price of this 1kg box is $1.888, it has arisen a great interest since the first moment”

Starting in June, this exotic and exclusive packaging will be available for only four weeks in Chinese markets. One example more that betting on a quality and innovative work offers guarantees of success

Obeikan and 9NIN

In a continuous search of innovation in our work, Obeikan MDF is always looking for new professional challenges. In this case, through a collaboration with the brand 9NIN, we have developed a series of packages to store their selection of exclusive sunglasses.

For Obeikan MDF it is an ambitious challenge to start working with brands form other areas, very different from those who we normally work with, since it gives us the possibility of reinventing our products and therefore keep improving our design and production process. The goal of every job is to provide the clients with an extra value that makes our collaboration a satisfactory process to both sides.

On the images below you can see a brief sample of our work. We encourage you to try through 9NIN, a Spanish  brand with international impact that is set to be an international model in the fashion industry. Take a look at their products in their website: