Original packaging for Halloween

One more year we bet on adding an original design for the Halloween festivities. Last year we already set a series of very original packaging out to decorate your house on Halloween and this year we did it again.

This packaging not only carries fruit but it allows you to decorate any space at home or even use it to store all the candies you collect tonight.

The packaging designs can help you decorate any corner of your house or garden and thus spend a terrifying and healthy evening at the same time. You can share your creations with us through our Twitter: @ObeikanMDF

This 200x200x99 packaging will allow you to create the most terrifying decorations. Do you dare to dress up with the mask? Don’t forget to send us your creations!

Happy Halloween!

Fruit Attraction 2017

Fruit Attraction 2017, an international showcase for Obeikan MDF.

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Packaging of the month: citrus

Commonly known as “The Smurf”, the 300x200x99 packaging succeeds every season in the supermarket linears. A box designed as a sales unit, this packaging makes buying easier for the final customer since in just one gesture, they have their groceries ready to go: no weighing, no bags, no extra containers. Also thanks to the beautiful design suggested by Obeikan MDF, the packaging stays at the customer’s house for other uses. This is how we cooperate to reuse and recycle. What more can you ask for in a packaging?