This month we would like to introduce you to Sibari, one of our partners. Sibari is a Spanish brand that designs and commercialises nautical footwear, adapting materials and classic designs to the present time, inspired by the sea and the sand. A project that specially excites us since it gives us once again presence in the fashion industry, which we’re passionate about. Furthermore, it’s giving us great results with our clients.

“Obeikan’s packaging gave us the opportunity to finalize the delivery to the customer with a different and impressive box. In addition, the possibility of printing in photographic quality has allowed us to capture the Mediterranean character in the packaging”, affirms Alberto Monedero, CEO of Sibari, who speaks proudly of the differentiation that the Obeikan boxes are providing to their already exclusive line. “The feedback and acceptance among clients is being very positive”, he adds.

The company has recently presented ‘Creta’, its most sports footwear model of the entire collection to which the nautical sport model ‘Goa’, will be added in a few weeks.

The exclusivity and originality of Sibari lies in the fact that all its products are handmade in Spain, supporting like this the local economy.


The Spanish Technological Platform of Packaging and Packages, Packnet, organized within the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid, a session on “Innovative solutions for packaging oriented to the e-commerce of fruits and vegetables”. We were lucky they counted on us to add content to the session, reinforcing our role as a reference company for sustainable and innovative packaging.

The person in charge of the presentation was our general director, Salvador Martínez. Titled “Sustainable packaging, guarantee of success”, the intervention was marked by its clarity and practicality, since Martinez wanted to be direct, sincere and once again, practical. “There are no sustainable or unsustainable products or materials, but different solutions with a greater or lesser degree of impact in different areas”, said Salvador Martínez. The CEO of the sustainable packaging company wanted to set aside demagogy and speak clearly: “What’s important is to have a predisposed attitude to become sustainable in all areas of the company where possible, a 100% is almost impossible, but the key issue is to take the step “.

Easily recyclable, formats adjusted to the need of the consumer or that help preserve the food are some of the characteristics of a sustainable package, which above all is respectful with the environment, a feature that attracts the three links of the value chain: society, client/consumer and company.

Movements such as zero-waste, the fight against CO2emissions, being respectful with the ecological cycle of wood (from renewable sources) are some of the terms with which society is increasingly familiar and above all, aware when choosing a product or another.

Obeikan’s differential advantage is its raw material: the MDF. The material used in all our packaging comes from sustainable and controlled forest sources, turning us into allies to fight climate change. Its possibilities of reuse and combustion guarantee its use up until the end. Obeikan’s MDF is certified in wood chain of custody systems: FSC® and PEFC.

With these fundamental ideas our general director delighted those present in the audience, who didn’t miss any detail and were very pleased with the presentation. See you in the next Packnet forum!

Fruit Attraction 2018: a real success for Obeikan

On October 23rd, 24th and 25th, we attended the Fruit Attraction fair, the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair held in Madrid. We know that many of you could not attend, so we didn’t want you to miss any of the details. This year our presence at the fair was very special because, in addition to the scheduled visits – we were very glad to be able to greet and reinforce commitments with our regular customers and with new ones with whom we started a relationship that we’re sure will brings us a lot of joy-, we had two important appointments: celebrate our 10th anniversary with the sector and the honor to attend as invited speakers by Packnet, to a special day on sustainable packaging.

The spirit of celebration for the 10th anniversary was more than present throughout the event and we enjoyed this edition in a unique way. During the second day we organized at the booth of our good friends of Fruitnet, an anniversary party, to which journalists and renowned influencers of the sector were invited to a birthday breakfast where nothing was missing. We blew out the candles of a cake that was difficult to identify, since it had the exact same design as one of our Obeikan packages, a nod to that shape so characteristic of our packaging which is easily recognized in the packaging sector. With the presence of a large part of the team and our most recent incorporations, everyone was very satisfied, we took hundreds of photos and had the most productive conversations. Thank you very much to everyone who accompanied us and made it possible.

In addition, we can’t forget the conference that our CEO Salvador Martínez offered at the ‘Conference on innovative and sustainable packaging applied to the new trends of fruit and vegetable consumption’. He presented numerous practical day to day tips and encouraged those present to use packaging that respects the environment because it’s a three way win: to the company itself because it’s considered to be “aware” of environmental issues, to the client because it has the opportunity to use biodegradable and reusable materials and to the distributor, because it makes him sustainable and increase his sales. His message was clear: “the important thing is to strive to be sustainable. If it’s not possible in the whole chain, at least where feasible. It’s a question of attitude”.