One of our sweetest collaborations is the one we have with the French brand LA FABRIQUE À BISCUITS-HONFLEUR.

Like us, this French company – of desserts, jams and homemade wines – takes care of the details and makes sure their products are as homemade and delicious as possible. Their sweets are famous both in the centre and on the outskirts of Normandy, where they have recently set up their shop: caramel and butter truffles, truffles with hazelnut hearts, white truffles… A delight!

Macarons and cakes complete their sweet offer. If there is something that characterises them and makes us get along so well, is their commitment to natural ingredients in their recipes, made without artificial colourants or preservatives, and their commitment to respect the environment through their boxes which… As you can imagine… are Obeikan!

The boxes chosen on this occasion are in format 15x10x4.5 and 20x20x9. The designs of LA FABRIQUE À BISCUITS-HONFLEUR’s boxes are starred by Victoire, the pastry cook; Lucien, the sailor; Trumpet, the hen and; Maravilla, the cow, the firm’s most well-known and fun representatives.

How can you resist?