Obeikan continues its schedule of annual events and this time it is attending the leading event in the sector where the star turn is the table grape: the Global Grape Summit.

According to the organizers of the Summit, which takes place on 5 June in London: ”Grape exports worldwide have increased by more than 15% and the sector is constantly looking for effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to transport them.”

Around 3.1 million tonnes of grapes were sold around the world last year. And Obeikan, being fully aware of the growing demand from consumers for this product, is ideally placed to provide exporters and/or producers with its packaging. The crates produced by the Valencia-based company meet all the key characteristics demanded by producers for storing the product both during transportation and in-store: protection, maintenance and sustainability.

“Our duty as a company that specialises in packaging is to provide the necessary containers to meet the needs of a specific market, in this case the grape sector,” says Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan MDF. “The design of Obeikan’s packaging for table grapes offers perfect ventilation, which guarantees the maximum freshness and shelf life during transport” he adds.

The MDF material used guarantees robust packaging that minimises the risk of the product becoming damaged during shipment. Finally, the differentiating factor is “the laser technology we use for cutting, which means that the packaging can withstand any transport conditions whether by land, sea or air,” he concludes.

Obeikan’s catalogue features a variety of very attractive models in terms of design which not only attract customers’ attention by standing out at the point of sale, thanks to their specific customization for grapes, but are also environmentally-friendly, as all the company’s packaging solutions are recyclable and come from sustainable sources.

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Obeikan continues its drive towards internationalization at Macfrut

The sustainable packaging company Obeikan MDF, part of the Obeikan Group, is attending the thirty-sixth edition of the Macfrut trade fair which takes place on 8-10 May in Rimini, Italy.

Obeikan MDF, which you can find at Stand 031 in Hall D3, continues apace with its expansion strategy, following a route around the main international food sector trade events. After its successful attendance of Fruit Attraction, Fruit Logistica and the Global Berry Congress, the company continues to promote its packaging, this time in the well-known Italian town of Rimini, with the ultimate goal of positioning its packaging in every corner of the globe.

Obeikan is travelling to Rimini to attend a trade fair that mainly attracts Italian exhibitors and buyers but which this year has decided to make it more international than ever. The event’s organizers see internationalization as a priority that is essential for its continuity as well as supporting the expansion of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector. Moreover, this year Macfrut is again hosting the Tropical Congress, an event of particular interest to Obeikan, which has already demonstrated its ability to adapt its packaging to the demands of every kind of client and product.

“The tropical fruit category is hugely important to us. The growing demand from global markets for products such as avocados and mangos, along with considered product presentation to ensure the brand stands out from the competition in the case of other tropical fruit, such as pineapple, mean that this is a segment of prime interest for us. For many years now tropical fruit exporters have counted on us to reach new markets, and we are continuing to grow with the addition of new products and new formats to our portfolio,” says Salvador Martínez.

“Moreover, we’re offering a special promotion for all the orders confirmed during the Italian trade fair. Our Sales Manager, Daniel Alabadí, and our regional manager for Italy, Massimo Fava, will be delighted to look after everyone who visits our stand,” adds Salvador Martínez.

Obeikan’s high quality packaging and international experience in the retail sector make it the perfect guarantee of product presentation, differentiation and reliability. “Italy is a key market in terms of production and exports, and we can support them in growing their exports with our packaging,” concludes the General Manager of Obeikan MDF España.

‘Expansion plan’: 2020 targets

Outside the United Kingdom and Germany, the Valencian company’s two leading markets, Obeikan intends to continue rolling out its global expansion plan and will use Macfrut as a springboard to reach other countries in Eastern Europe, the Gulf (UAE, Bahrein, Qatar), India, North Africa and South-East Asia, all of which have already confirmed they will be attending the Italian trade show.

The growing trend towards sustainability, respect for the environment and the reuse of packaging by consumers means that Obeikan adds value to the product to increase the competitiveness of its clients in international markets. In addition, the strength of its packaging makes it the ideal choice for transporting fresh produce over short, medium and long distances.

With this outlook, Obeikan is travelling to Italy with excellent expectations and its sights set on showcasing its packaging to the more than 1,500 hosted buyers from all over the world who are coming to the event.