“The growth in the production of persimmons in Spain in the last 20 years has been phenomenal,” said the president of the Persimmon Designation of Origin, Rafael Perucho, at the last Persimmon Attraction Congress on the current situation of Spanish persimmons.

At present some 400 million kilos of persimmons are produced annually in Spain. Spanish persimmon producers have managed to reinvent themselves and in a short period of time their product has become widely known and found a niche on the shelves of the leading international supermarket chains.

Obeikan MDF, naturally enough, has designed the perfect packaging for transporting this product. Indeed, “80% of national production is exported outside Spain to markets such as Germany and France,” explains Perucho.

It is therefore essential that the product is well protected and secure during transportation, and “our boxes give producers the peace of mind that their persimmons will reach their destination in a perfect condition and ready for display at the final point of sale” emphasises Salvador Martínez, the General Manager of Obeikan MDF.

The packaging that Obeikan MDF has designed specifically for persimmons measures 275 x 175 x 86 cm, with a capacity of approximately 15 persimmons of standard calibre, thus helping producers to cover expenses and capitalize on their shipments. It’s all good!

Obeikan MDF, the star of the DOGK in Dusseldorf

The agenda of Obeikan MDF is defined by its attendance of some of the top events in the international fresh produce sector. The latest of these was the German Fruit & Vegetable Congress (DOGK) held in Düsseldorf. All the delegates at the event were able to corroborate the advantages of using MDF packaging in terms of sustainability, design and respect for the environment.

Stephan Schneider, the founder of Cre8tives concepts & innovations, one of the most hotly-anticipated speakers on the congress programme, used his presentation“Perception vs Reality: a guide to the sustainable management of packaging” to showcase one of our proudest achievements in packaging: the one chosen for the collaboration between Hillfresh and the world-famous television producer Nickelodeon. SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and PAW Patrol are the stars of our appealing boxes which are perfect for long-distance transport and keeping one of children’s favourite fruits fresh: mandarins.

“Our time at the DOGK Congress is always successful; it not only lets us meet up with existing and potential clients but also gives us an overview of the general situation of the sector and, in our particular case, the current situation of packaging and what lines to follow with a view to the future,” said Heiner Mattei, Key Account Manager of Obeikan MDF and the company’s representative in Düsseldorf.

If you were at the DOGK and you feel you’d like to know much more about our products, be sure to contact us.


After the summer and, for many people, a very well-deserved break, September is back with new challenges and new products. At Obeikan MDF these new products are particularly geared towards children, and in the form of apples, as with the start of the new school year we are delighted to present, after several months of hard work and creativity, the new PinKids®packaging.

As a result of our collaboration with Pink Lady®, the European association premium apple association, Obeikan MDF has developed a new and very special format, designed for the optimum conservation of apples during transport and to really stand out on supermarket shelves. Its uniquely original design is created to appeal to children, encouraging the regular consumption of apples and hence improving their dietary habits.

The PinKids® box has a capacity of nine apples and once they have been eaten it makes the perfect container for school materials. Once again, we have produced a fun, long-lasting product that also has a second use, like all Obeikan MDF packaging.

Obeikan MDF exhibits for the first time at Expoalimentaria Perú

  • The premium packaging company is taking part for the first time as an exhibitor at the leading trade show for the food industry in Latin America to strengthen relations with its clients in the region
  • Obeikan MDF will be presenting in Peru its wide range of packaging solutions for the export of fruit and vegetables to overseas markets

The Spanish MDF packaging company, Obeikan MDF, will be attending the forthcoming edition ofExpoalimentaria Perú as an exhibitor. The biggest event for the food industry in Latin America, which takes place on 25-27 September in the Peruvian capital of Lima, puts an emphasis on the packaging sector in its different exhibition spaces. At this year’s edition, the packaging company Obeikan MDF is taking part for the first time with its own 24 square metrestand, E61-E62, in the Jockey Exhibition Centre.

The packaging containers and display units, which will be exhibited over the three days of the event, have been specially selected to complement the production output of the Andean region, with a view to the main products marketed by Peru and in line with the needs of suppliers in both Peru and other nearby countries. “We’ll be exhibiting a selection of our special packaging for grapes, avocados, asparagus and citrus fruit. In addition, we’ll be showing examples of the new line of display units that we’ve designed to showcase produce at the point-of-sale” said the General Manager of Obeikan MDF, Salvador Martínez.

In order for trade visitors to get a first-hand look at the entire assembly process that Obeikan uses for its packaging, the Valencia-based company will transfer one of its state-of-the-art packing machines to the trade show. “It’s important that trade professionals, marketers and exporters get the chance to have a look at the self-assembly system we use at Obeikan MDF. We can’t think of a better way of promoting our product than to demonstrate the process in situ, so people can corroborate the resistance of our material at first hand, which makes it the perfect support for their long-distance exports,” concludes Martínez.

In addition to this assurance, Obeikan MDF offers numerous options for customizing its packaging. This differentiating factor allows its customers to achieve a prominent position on shelving lines worldwide. China, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the United States are just some of the markets in which packaging by Obeikan MDF has a standout presence. They are joined by major European retail chains such as Edeka, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Leclerc, who appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainability, design and innovation.

Packaging with triple benefits

Obeikan MDF’s proposition is packaging that offers the greatest resistance in long-distance transportation. It is also a sustainable alternative, made from recycled and recyclable material, which offers a powerful marketing tool for both producers – to differentiate their brand – and for retailers, when positioning the product on shelving lines.

Presence at international events

Obeikan MDF chooses its international visits with precision with the aim of resolving the needs of its customers. The reason the company has chosen the Peruvian trade show as its international event this year is in response to “the importance of Peru as an export market and the growth it has experienced in the last few years”, explains Martínez. Obeikan MDF’s portfolio of clients includes Chilean companies that operate in Peru, so Obeikan MDF is very familiar with the market demands in this area. With its visit to Peru, Obeikan MDF is embarking on the final stretch of events this year, with an agenda that will take the company on to the FPJ Live Congress in London and the international Fruit Attraction trade show in Madrid.