New Year comes full of motivation to change your habits. Actually, after Christmas celebration parties, where food is essential, the new resolutions come, and among one of the most repeated: start a healthy and balanced diet, based on fresh products that will help our body.

Once again, January is the top month for fruit and vegetable consumption at homes. In fact, the British organization Veganuary, since 2014 encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle, encouraging people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. According to the British tabloid The Guardian, Veganuary has ended this 2020, on record high with 250,000 participants signed up to the Veganuary movement.

Being aware of the importance of eating vegetables and fruits is a good way to start the year, but also realizing that the packaging that goes with them is eco-friendly and takes care of the product. At Obeikan, our MDF proposal does not mix materials, which makes it much easier to recycle. Fully committed to sustainability, our formats guarantee an environmentally conscious solution for the consumption of fresh products. In addition, the high resistance of our MDF packaging makes reusing easier. This way the consumer, once the product is finished, can reuse the packaging for storage or organization if needed. This aspect, known as Second Life, provides a differential value which makes us feel particularly proud.

Can you think of any better way to start the year than by reusing the containers of your favorite seasonal vegetables? The main vegetables of the season in January are escarole, onion or Brussels sprouts. Since we couldn’t decide on any of these vegetables, we decided to design this special packaging.

Obeikan MDF, the best choice to distinguish from your competitors

  • Obeikan MDF launches new collaboration in supermarkets thanks to Food Fellows, the innovation company of Harvest House (one of the largest growers cooperations of salads in the Netherlands), through several customized displays for the sale of tomato sauce in the German supermarkets.
  • Obeikan MDF joins the ‘Food Fellows’ project and strengthens its fight against food waste and the search for sustainable solutions.

Obeikan MDF, the Spanish packaging company specialized in medium density fiberboard, takes a step forward against food waste and joins the Dutch Harvest House cooperative in one of its most ambitious projects: ‘Food Fellows’, the initiative with which the cooperative is committed to converting rejected food or surplus which has not been able to sell into high quality products for consumption and commercialization.

This way, Obeikan MDF has designed specialized displays that are already outstanding over the German shop shelves, to reinforce differentiation at the point of sale of premium products. They increase visibility and will encourage product consumption thanks to the eye-catching and colorful design of its point of sale displays. The designed displays are already at different points of sale in German supermarkets.

“The tomato sauce from Food Fellows’ competes with highly positioned products in the market of the fruit and vegetable section. In this context, Obeikan MDF steps in, with a striking display that has a capacity of 30kg per tray, to attract the attention of the consumer at the point of sale” as Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan MDF says. “In addition, our flexibility, ability to quickly develop our products, as well as their sustainability, makes our displays the best option for any company that goes for these factors.”

Recyclable, sustainable, eco-friendly material…Obeikan MDF remains true to its style, betting on new solutions to meet the demands of their current customers, as is the case of Harvest House, as well as their potential customers, not only within the fruit and vegetable sector, but also in other sectors, with companies that are willing to add value at the point of sale.

Obeikan displays maybe found over more than 300 establishments in different German cities.