Acquiring responsibility in ASYFE

At Obeikan we face the final stretch of March with very good news: the General Assembly of the Association of Sawmills and Manufacturers of Wooden Containers (ASYFE) has appointed us Members of its Board of Directors. On March 12, our General Manager, Salvador Martínez, thanked us for this appointment, took charge of the position and expressed his complete willingness to assume the responsibility that it entails.

ASYFE was founded in 1948 with the aim of representing more than 50% of the national production of fruit and vegetable wood packaging within the province of Valencia. Currently, it counts with more than 23 sawmill companies, manufacturers of wooden containers and sawmills of plywood board for wooden containers. In addition, it is a member of  the Spanish Federation of Wood Packaging and its Components (FEDEMCO).

With this appointment, Obeikan will begin to participate actively in the management of the Association, working together with the other members of the Board in defence and promotion of the interests of ASYFE and of the industry.