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The tail-end of winter brings with it one of the most coveted fruits which can only be found from now until midway through spring: strawberries. The 2020 strawberry season has recently kicked off and will come to an end in May. However, despite the fact that the window for these berries is so limited, it […]



New Year comes full of motivation to change your habits. Actually, after Christmas celebration parties, where food is essential, the new resolutions come, and among one of the most repeated: start a healthy and balanced diet, based on fresh products that will help our body. Once again, January is the top month for fruit and […]

Obeikan MDF, the best choice to distinguish from your competitors

Obeikan MDF launches new collaboration in supermarkets thanks to Food Fellows, the innovation company of Harvest House (one of the largest growers cooperations of salads in the Netherlands), through several customized displays for the sale of tomato sauce in the German supermarkets. Obeikan MDF joins the ‘Food Fellows’ project and strengthens its fight against food waste […]


Lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit … If there is a product that stands out right now in the supermarket lines in the area of seasonal fruits these are citrus fruits. In addition to having a great variety of citrus and their versatility when consuming them, the consumer chooses them for their large number of health […]


October is the month of pumpkin par excellence. In addition to being in full season, it is the time of the festival where it takes centre stage: Halloween. Worldwide, more than 2 million hectares of pumpkin are grown each year and its growth has been increasing since 2007, not only due to the increasing population […]


“The growth in the production of persimmons in Spain in the last 20 years has been phenomenal,” said the president of the Persimmon Designation of Origin, Rafael Perucho, at the last Persimmon Attraction Congress on the current situation of Spanish persimmons. At present some 400 million kilos of persimmons are produced annually in Spain. Spanish […]

Obeikan MDF, the star of the DOGK in Dusseldorf

The agenda of Obeikan MDF is defined by its attendance of some of the top events in the international fresh produce sector. The latest of these was the German Fruit & Vegetable Congress (DOGK) held in Düsseldorf. All the delegates at the event were able to corroborate the advantages of using MDF packaging in terms […]


After the summer and, for many people, a very well-deserved break, September is back with new challenges and new products. At Obeikan MDF these new products are particularly geared towards children, and in the form of apples, as with the start of the new school year we are delighted to present, after several months of […]

Obeikan MDF exhibits for the first time at Expoalimentaria Perú

The premium packaging company is taking part for the first time as an exhibitor at the leading trade show for the food industry in Latin America to strengthen relations with its clients in the region Obeikan MDF will be presenting in Peru its wide range of packaging solutions for the export of fruit and vegetables […]


In Spain, asparagus has a short growing season, the right conditions are only met between the months of March and May. From then on, the product mostly comes from South America and, specifically, Peru. Obeikan has designed packaging that is able to withstand the long distances that asparagus has to travel from the other side […]


The heat, the beach, afternoons on the terrace… Summer is a season that is loved and hated in equal measure. But there is one ally that overrides both viewpoints, helps to alleviate the high temperatures, and on top of that is healthy: the melon. Obeikan has come up with several appealing packaging options to enhance […]


Obeikan continues its schedule of annual events and this time it is attending the leading event in the sector where the star turn is the table grape: the Global Grape Summit. According to the organizers of the Summit, which takes place on 5 June in London: ”Grape exports worldwide have increased by more than 15% […]

Obeikan continues its drive towards internationalization at Macfrut

The sustainable packaging company Obeikan MDF, part of the Obeikan Group, is attending the thirty-sixth edition of the Macfrut trade fair which takes place on 8-10 May in Rimini, Italy. Obeikan MDF, which you can find at Stand 031 in Hall D3, continues apace with its expansion strategy, following a route around the main international food […]

Obeikan attends the Global Berry Congress 2019

Obeikan MDF has attended as exhibitor the Global Berry Congress in its recent edition, held between the 25th and 27th  of March in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The event brought together more than 550 international professionals from the berry industry to discuss the current situation and future of this fruit category. With a very complete […]

Acquiring responsibility in ASYFE

At Obeikan we face the final stretch of March with very good news: the General Assembly of the Association of Sawmills and Manufacturers of Wooden Containers (ASYFE) has appointed us Members of its Board of Directors. On March 12, our General Manager, Salvador Martínez, thanked us for this appointment, took charge of the position and […]


Gwen, Whitsell, Esther, Lamb Hass, Sirprice, Harvest, GEM and the queen of varieties: Hass. All of them combined can help to keep the world’s markets supplied with avocados all year long. At Obeikan we provide various formats for our customers to support them in the packaging and transportation of avocados to their international partners in […]


This month we would like to introduce you to Sibari, one of our partners. Sibari is a Spanish brand that designs and commercialises nautical footwear, adapting materials and classic designs to the present time, inspired by the sea and the sand. A project that specially excites us since it gives us once again presence in […]


The Spanish Technological Platform of Packaging and Packages, Packnet, organized within the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid, a session on “Innovative solutions for packaging oriented to the e-commerce of fruits and vegetables”. We were lucky they counted on us to add content to the session, reinforcing our role as a reference company for sustainable and […]

Fruit Attraction 2018: a real success for Obeikan

On October 23rd, 24th and 25th, we attended the Fruit Attraction fair, the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair held in Madrid. We know that many of you could not attend, so we didn’t want you to miss any of the details. This year our presence at the fair was very special because, in addition to […]


The citrus season arrives and from Obeikan we prepare a year more in advance to be able to give the best service to all our customers during the time of greatest demand of these juicy products. For these fruits our specialty is the family formats, what we call Smurf, one of our most popular formats […]


Our protagonist of July is this container with measures 300x200x103 ideal for the transport of mangoes, a fruit that has great nutritional properties, and a unique flavor and fragrance. Being a very delicate fruit it is essential to transport it in a resistant packaging like this to avoid the fruit being hit during exports. The […]


In Obeikan MDF we have prepared this container of measures 500x300x106 for the transport and storage of peaches. The peaches must be treated with care during their transfer as it is highly perishable fruit, the resistance of this container allows to move and store the product in perfect condition until its arrival to the final […]

“New Mini”

Innovation is undoubtedly the hallmark of Obeikan and the latest sample of unique and original differentiation is presented through our ‘mini’ formats. Packaging of 150x100x45mm ideal for any category of small-sized fruits such as berries, cherries, grapes or even clementines. The novelty in these packaging is not only its size but also its form of […]

Obeikan MDF demonstrates its interest in the Colombian market by attending as the sponsor and speaker the 1st edition of the Fruitnet Forum Colombia

On June 26 and 27, the Colombian capital, Bogotá, hosts the first Fruitnet Forum, a series of conferences specializing in fresh produce that highlight the importance of Colombia as an international fruit and vegetable producer and a benchmark in the continent. The sustainable packaging multinational Obeikan sponsors this new networking event, which aims to explore […]

Packaging of the month: Cherries

Spring has arrived, and with it also the first cherries from early varieties. At Obeikan MDF we have the perfect packaging for this beloved fruit. This box of 300x200x58 is ideal to transport cherries, even on long distance hauls, as its innovative design guarantees the fruit will reach its destination in top condition. Furthermore, it’s […]