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Packaging of the month: berries

These containers of 200x200x59, 300x200x58, 300x200x99, 300x250x77 are perfect for berries that include the whole family of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries. At Obeikan MDF we have developed these containers of measures between 200x200x59, 300x200x58, 300x200x99 and 300x250x77 for the transportation and storage of berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. Its innovative design along with the packaging material […]

New incorporation in Obeikan MDF: Jose Manuel Muñoz

At Obeikan MDF we continue to expand our personnel. That is why we welcome a new member who will help us to keep developing ourselves as professionals both globally and individually. This way we will keep improving our processes and therefore our services.

Packaging of the month: Pumpkin

This 300x200x99 packaging in a suitcase form is perfect for pumpkins. Its innovative design qualifies it to keep the food in perfect conditions until its arrival to the supermarket. In addition, the packaging has multiple advantages. Not only does it easy the transportation it is also perfect for the consumer: for the same price they get […]

Original packaging for Halloween

One more year we bet on adding an original design for the Halloween festivities. Last year we already set a series of very original packaging out to decorate your house on Halloween and this year we did it again. This packaging not only carries fruit but it allows you to decorate any space at home or even use it to store all […]

Packaging of the month: citrus

Commonly known as “The Smurf”, the 300x200x99 packaging succeeds every season in the supermarket linears. A box designed as a sales unit, this packaging makes buying easier for the final customer since in just one gesture, they have their groceries ready to go: no weighing, no bags, no extra containers. Also thanks to the beautiful […]


The citrus season comes in with major changes. Citrus harvest forecasts of 3,143,984 tons, down 20.3% on last season, 800,000 tons less. In the same way we will observe an increase in the price of citrus fruits like orange or lemon.