After the summer and, for many people, a very well-deserved break, September is back with new challenges and new products. At Obeikan MDF these new products are particularly geared towards children, and in the form of apples, as with the start of the new school year we are delighted to present, after several months of hard work and creativity, the new PinKids®packaging.

As a result of our collaboration with Pink Lady®, the European association premium apple association, Obeikan MDF has developed a new and very special format, designed for the optimum conservation of apples during transport and to really stand out on supermarket shelves. Its uniquely original design is created to appeal to children, encouraging the regular consumption of apples and hence improving their dietary habits.

The PinKids® box has a capacity of nine apples and once they have been eaten it makes the perfect container for school materials. Once again, we have produced a fun, long-lasting product that also has a second use, like all Obeikan MDF packaging.