The tail-end of winter brings with it one of the most coveted fruits which can only be found from now until midway through spring: strawberries. The 2020 strawberry season has recently kicked off and will come to an end in May. However, despite the fact that the window for these berries is so limited, it is a category that enjoys tremendous demand among consumers. This trend is particularly prevalent in markets such as China, USA, Egypt and Germany which have the highest strawberry consumption figures, according to the market research platform IndexBox. Indeed, it’s hardly surprising when you consider some of the options for preparing and eating them: with cream, with sugar, as a jam or compote, or (our favourite) simply as they are.

There are many reasons for adding strawberries to your diet. Being very low in calories makes them an extremely healthy option, apart from which they have any number of positive nutritional properties, being a good source of vitamins B and C. Strawberries are also a great ally for combating the ‘spring fatigue’ that so many people suffer from at this time of the year, thanks to their high magnesium, potassium and vitamin K content.

Being well aware of the popularity of strawberries in the majority of households, Obeikan MDF has come up with several packaging ideas for strawberries that have been introduced recently. Our MDF material is ideal as it means that not only is it more convenient for customers to take the berries home but they can also give the packaging a second life after eating the delicious fruits. Thanks to our wide range of formats and fun designs, our products are the best option for both storage and decoration. Make sure you get the very most of your shopping by choosing sustainable, reusable MDF! Check out all our formats for fresh strawberries in our catalogue: https://www.obeikanmdf.com/catalogo/



New Year comes full of motivation to change your habits. Actually, after Christmas celebration parties, where food is essential, the new resolutions come, and among one of the most repeated: start a healthy and balanced diet, based on fresh products that will help our body.

Once again, January is the top month for fruit and vegetable consumption at homes. In fact, the British organization Veganuary, since 2014 encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle, encouraging people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. According to the British tabloid The Guardian, Veganuary has ended this 2020, on record high with 250,000 participants signed up to the Veganuary movement.

Being aware of the importance of eating vegetables and fruits is a good way to start the year, but also realizing that the packaging that goes with them is eco-friendly and takes care of the product. At Obeikan, our MDF proposal does not mix materials, which makes it much easier to recycle. Fully committed to sustainability, our formats guarantee an environmentally conscious solution for the consumption of fresh products. In addition, the high resistance of our MDF packaging makes reusing easier. This way the consumer, once the product is finished, can reuse the packaging for storage or organization if needed. This aspect, known as Second Life, provides a differential value which makes us feel particularly proud.

Can you think of any better way to start the year than by reusing the containers of your favorite seasonal vegetables? The main vegetables of the season in January are escarole, onion or Brussels sprouts. Since we couldn’t decide on any of these vegetables, we decided to design this special packaging.

Obeikan MDF, the best choice to distinguish from your competitors

  • Obeikan MDF launches new collaboration in supermarkets thanks to Food Fellows, the innovation company of Harvest House (one of the largest growers cooperations of salads in the Netherlands), through several customized displays for the sale of tomato sauce in the German supermarkets.
  • Obeikan MDF joins the ‘Food Fellows’ project and strengthens its fight against food waste and the search for sustainable solutions.

Obeikan MDF, the Spanish packaging company specialized in medium density fiberboard, takes a step forward against food waste and joins the Dutch Harvest House cooperative in one of its most ambitious projects: ‘Food Fellows’, the initiative with which the cooperative is committed to converting rejected food or surplus which has not been able to sell into high quality products for consumption and commercialization.

This way, Obeikan MDF has designed specialized displays that are already outstanding over the German shop shelves, to reinforce differentiation at the point of sale of premium products. They increase visibility and will encourage product consumption thanks to the eye-catching and colorful design of its point of sale displays. The designed displays are already at different points of sale in German supermarkets.

“The tomato sauce from Food Fellows’ competes with highly positioned products in the market of the fruit and vegetable section. In this context, Obeikan MDF steps in, with a striking display that has a capacity of 30kg per tray, to attract the attention of the consumer at the point of sale” as Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan MDF says. “In addition, our flexibility, ability to quickly develop our products, as well as their sustainability, makes our displays the best option for any company that goes for these factors.”

Recyclable, sustainable, eco-friendly material…Obeikan MDF remains true to its style, betting on new solutions to meet the demands of their current customers, as is the case of Harvest House, as well as their potential customers, not only within the fruit and vegetable sector, but also in other sectors, with companies that are willing to add value at the point of sale.

Obeikan displays maybe found over more than 300 establishments in different German cities.

Obeikan MDF, the star of the DOGK in Dusseldorf

The agenda of Obeikan MDF is defined by its attendance of some of the top events in the international fresh produce sector. The latest of these was the German Fruit & Vegetable Congress (DOGK) held in Düsseldorf. All the delegates at the event were able to corroborate the advantages of using MDF packaging in terms of sustainability, design and respect for the environment.

Stephan Schneider, the founder of Cre8tives concepts & innovations, one of the most hotly-anticipated speakers on the congress programme, used his presentation“Perception vs Reality: a guide to the sustainable management of packaging” to showcase one of our proudest achievements in packaging: the one chosen for the collaboration between Hillfresh and the world-famous television producer Nickelodeon. SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and PAW Patrol are the stars of our appealing boxes which are perfect for long-distance transport and keeping one of children’s favourite fruits fresh: mandarins.

“Our time at the DOGK Congress is always successful; it not only lets us meet up with existing and potential clients but also gives us an overview of the general situation of the sector and, in our particular case, the current situation of packaging and what lines to follow with a view to the future,” said Heiner Mattei, Key Account Manager of Obeikan MDF and the company’s representative in Düsseldorf.

If you were at the DOGK and you feel you’d like to know much more about our products, be sure to contact us.


After the summer and, for many people, a very well-deserved break, September is back with new challenges and new products. At Obeikan MDF these new products are particularly geared towards children, and in the form of apples, as with the start of the new school year we are delighted to present, after several months of hard work and creativity, the new PinKids®packaging.

As a result of our collaboration with Pink Lady®, the European association premium apple association, Obeikan MDF has developed a new and very special format, designed for the optimum conservation of apples during transport and to really stand out on supermarket shelves. Its uniquely original design is created to appeal to children, encouraging the regular consumption of apples and hence improving their dietary habits.

The PinKids® box has a capacity of nine apples and once they have been eaten it makes the perfect container for school materials. Once again, we have produced a fun, long-lasting product that also has a second use, like all Obeikan MDF packaging.

Obeikan MDF exhibits for the first time at Expoalimentaria Perú

  • The premium packaging company is taking part for the first time as an exhibitor at the leading trade show for the food industry in Latin America to strengthen relations with its clients in the region
  • Obeikan MDF will be presenting in Peru its wide range of packaging solutions for the export of fruit and vegetables to overseas markets

The Spanish MDF packaging company, Obeikan MDF, will be attending the forthcoming edition ofExpoalimentaria Perú as an exhibitor. The biggest event for the food industry in Latin America, which takes place on 25-27 September in the Peruvian capital of Lima, puts an emphasis on the packaging sector in its different exhibition spaces. At this year’s edition, the packaging company Obeikan MDF is taking part for the first time with its own 24 square metrestand, E61-E62, in the Jockey Exhibition Centre.

The packaging containers and display units, which will be exhibited over the three days of the event, have been specially selected to complement the production output of the Andean region, with a view to the main products marketed by Peru and in line with the needs of suppliers in both Peru and other nearby countries. “We’ll be exhibiting a selection of our special packaging for grapes, avocados, asparagus and citrus fruit. In addition, we’ll be showing examples of the new line of display units that we’ve designed to showcase produce at the point-of-sale” said the General Manager of Obeikan MDF, Salvador Martínez.

In order for trade visitors to get a first-hand look at the entire assembly process that Obeikan uses for its packaging, the Valencia-based company will transfer one of its state-of-the-art packing machines to the trade show. “It’s important that trade professionals, marketers and exporters get the chance to have a look at the self-assembly system we use at Obeikan MDF. We can’t think of a better way of promoting our product than to demonstrate the process in situ, so people can corroborate the resistance of our material at first hand, which makes it the perfect support for their long-distance exports,” concludes Martínez.

In addition to this assurance, Obeikan MDF offers numerous options for customizing its packaging. This differentiating factor allows its customers to achieve a prominent position on shelving lines worldwide. China, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the United States are just some of the markets in which packaging by Obeikan MDF has a standout presence. They are joined by major European retail chains such as Edeka, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Leclerc, who appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainability, design and innovation.

Packaging with triple benefits

Obeikan MDF’s proposition is packaging that offers the greatest resistance in long-distance transportation. It is also a sustainable alternative, made from recycled and recyclable material, which offers a powerful marketing tool for both producers – to differentiate their brand – and for retailers, when positioning the product on shelving lines.

Presence at international events

Obeikan MDF chooses its international visits with precision with the aim of resolving the needs of its customers. The reason the company has chosen the Peruvian trade show as its international event this year is in response to “the importance of Peru as an export market and the growth it has experienced in the last few years”, explains Martínez. Obeikan MDF’s portfolio of clients includes Chilean companies that operate in Peru, so Obeikan MDF is very familiar with the market demands in this area. With its visit to Peru, Obeikan MDF is embarking on the final stretch of events this year, with an agenda that will take the company on to the FPJ Live Congress in London and the international Fruit Attraction trade show in Madrid.


Obeikan MDF implements ‘Obeikan Manufacturing Excellence’ as a work system

  • At Obeikan MDF we have taken a step forward in terms of sustainability and the future growth of the company. Through the implementation of the OME (Obeikan Manufacturing Excellence) work system based on effective and tested methods, and using the successful “Toyota Way” and the “IWS” of Procter&Gamble as references, we have aimed to make the company one of the best in the sector.

Thus, recently, as part of the process to implement this internal working system, our staff were informed about the benefits of the new system of lean manufacturing, with an information event that all the employees participated in.

The objective of the talk was aimed at making the entire company part of the implementation of the model with which to “become better professionals and work in better conditions, which is what, ultimately is sought with the implementation of this method” stated our Director General, Salvador Martínez.

“With this measure, OMDF assumes the challenge of transforming each part of its industry and way of working in order to think ahead for the future growth of the company in terms of sustainability and efficiency” outlined Salvador Martínez. “We are committing to a winning way of working, a 21st century way, a working culture that involves ongoing improvement through analysis of competitors, minimising losses, maximising value for the end client, etc.” concluded Martínez.


The most famous case of the implementation and success of this working method is that of the Japanese company Toyota. In our sector, Procter & Gamble served as inspiration for the system that, since last week, we have begun to apply in our facilities in Valencia, and that the group has been following since 2015.

The “Toyota Way or Lean manufacturing” is a management model specialising in minimizing the losses of the manufacturing systems while maximising the creation of value for the end client. To achieve this, it uses the minimum quantity of resources, that is to say, those strictly necessary for growth.

Obeikan continues its drive towards internationalization at Macfrut

The sustainable packaging company Obeikan MDF, part of the Obeikan Group, is attending the thirty-sixth edition of the Macfrut trade fair which takes place on 8-10 May in Rimini, Italy.

Obeikan MDF, which you can find at Stand 031 in Hall D3, continues apace with its expansion strategy, following a route around the main international food sector trade events. After its successful attendance of Fruit Attraction, Fruit Logistica and the Global Berry Congress, the company continues to promote its packaging, this time in the well-known Italian town of Rimini, with the ultimate goal of positioning its packaging in every corner of the globe.

Obeikan is travelling to Rimini to attend a trade fair that mainly attracts Italian exhibitors and buyers but which this year has decided to make it more international than ever. The event’s organizers see internationalization as a priority that is essential for its continuity as well as supporting the expansion of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector. Moreover, this year Macfrut is again hosting the Tropical Congress, an event of particular interest to Obeikan, which has already demonstrated its ability to adapt its packaging to the demands of every kind of client and product.

“The tropical fruit category is hugely important to us. The growing demand from global markets for products such as avocados and mangos, along with considered product presentation to ensure the brand stands out from the competition in the case of other tropical fruit, such as pineapple, mean that this is a segment of prime interest for us. For many years now tropical fruit exporters have counted on us to reach new markets, and we are continuing to grow with the addition of new products and new formats to our portfolio,” says Salvador Martínez.

“Moreover, we’re offering a special promotion for all the orders confirmed during the Italian trade fair. Our Sales Manager, Daniel Alabadí, and our regional manager for Italy, Massimo Fava, will be delighted to look after everyone who visits our stand,” adds Salvador Martínez.

Obeikan’s high quality packaging and international experience in the retail sector make it the perfect guarantee of product presentation, differentiation and reliability. “Italy is a key market in terms of production and exports, and we can support them in growing their exports with our packaging,” concludes the General Manager of Obeikan MDF España.

‘Expansion plan’: 2020 targets

Outside the United Kingdom and Germany, the Valencian company’s two leading markets, Obeikan intends to continue rolling out its global expansion plan and will use Macfrut as a springboard to reach other countries in Eastern Europe, the Gulf (UAE, Bahrein, Qatar), India, North Africa and South-East Asia, all of which have already confirmed they will be attending the Italian trade show.

The growing trend towards sustainability, respect for the environment and the reuse of packaging by consumers means that Obeikan adds value to the product to increase the competitiveness of its clients in international markets. In addition, the strength of its packaging makes it the ideal choice for transporting fresh produce over short, medium and long distances.

With this outlook, Obeikan is travelling to Italy with excellent expectations and its sights set on showcasing its packaging to the more than 1,500 hosted buyers from all over the world who are coming to the event.

Obeikan attends the Global Berry Congress 2019

Obeikan MDF has attended as exhibitor the Global Berry Congress in its recent edition, held between the 25th and 27th  of March in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

The event brought together more than 550 international professionals from the berry industry to discuss the current situation and future of this fruit category. With a very complete programme of presentations, in the congress there’s been representatives from retail and production to post-harvest treatments, machinery and packaging.

“We’ve stocked this fruit category since the company’s foundation. In fact, our first packages were designed for the marketing of strawberries”, recalled Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan.

Today, Obeikan is present in multiple international markets selling berries packaging. These include the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, among others. “Obeikan is growing significantly in this category thanks to our specialty of small unit sales packages, with new formats and creative solutions tailored according to the client needs, helping them promote their product at the point of sale. In addition, we also have our new line of displays for promotion at the point of sale, the ideal complement for our modular packaging”, adds Martínez.

Obeikan’s firm commitment to the berries category, which together with the tropical category are experiencing the fastest growth in the world, is very much in tune with consumer trends – instead of only buying the product, consumers go further by looking for a consumer experience and taking into account the social responsibility of the product, where a sustainable use in packaging takes on special importance.

Acquiring responsibility in ASYFE

At Obeikan we face the final stretch of March with very good news: the General Assembly of the Association of Sawmills and Manufacturers of Wooden Containers (ASYFE) has appointed us Members of its Board of Directors. On March 12, our General Manager, Salvador Martínez, thanked us for this appointment, took charge of the position and expressed his complete willingness to assume the responsibility that it entails.

ASYFE was founded in 1948 with the aim of representing more than 50% of the national production of fruit and vegetable wood packaging within the province of Valencia. Currently, it counts with more than 23 sawmill companies, manufacturers of wooden containers and sawmills of plywood board for wooden containers. In addition, it is a member of  the Spanish Federation of Wood Packaging and its Components (FEDEMCO).

With this appointment, Obeikan will begin to participate actively in the management of the Association, working together with the other members of the Board in defence and promotion of the interests of ASYFE and of the industry.

Obeikan MDF will disclose the future of fruit and vegetable packaging in Berlin

Obeikan MDF, the sustainable packaging company which belongs to the Obeikan Group, is once again attending one of the most important international events in the fruit and vegetable industry, Fruit Logistica. On this occasion, to take part in the Fruit Logistica World of Fresh Ideas congress,an event that has become the official starting point of the fair and which brings together the production and retail industries, to analyse where the fresh produce industry is heading in the short term.

For the first time, the fourth edition of the congress will host a special section dedicated to packaging. “The importance of having safe, sustainable and practical packaging has increased considerably over the last 12 months so has consumers awareness of its impact on the environment. Consequently, the international fresh produce business needs even more innovation in this area”, as assessed from the organisation of the congress.

Leading this new section, Fruit Logistica World of Fresh Ideas will count with the presence of Obeikan MDF General Manager, Salvador Martínez, who will share his view on the current situation of the packaging industry, continuing with the forecast of the characteristics and conditions that perishable packaging must meet in the coming years. “Consumers’ increasing concern for sustainability has led to an increasing involvement of both the producing and retail industries, in the arrival and presentation of fresh produce on the shelves”, said Salvador Martínez, who will also evaluate the impact this is having on companies dedicated to packaging and reveal the trends they have identified as prevailing in the packaging industry in the coming years.

For more than a decade, Obeikan MDF has been dedicated to custom production of wood fibre packaging. The containers’ shape is achieved by laser cutting, allowing it to obtain a homogeneous surface. Obeikan does not use any other material for its boxes, makes recycling easier, and counts on the simple latest technology assembling system, providing great resistance to the solution it proposes. In addition, MDF material enables you to personalise the boxes, obtaining a high-quality result that allows brands that trust Obeikan, be distributed all over the world.

Increasingly used for the packaging of fruit and vegetables, Obeikan has already introduced its packaging throughout the 5 continents, reaching anywhere in the globe quickly and easily, since it can send the order disassembled offering the possibility of direct assembly in their customers storage centres.

The results derived from 2018 reflect the growing interest of European markets in Obeikan MDF packaging. For the first time, the United Kingdom ranked first in its ranking of partner countries, surpassing Germany. Switzerland and the Nordic countries follow up, on an on-going growing list.

The multinational has always expressed its interest in all markets that “make quality their standard for export”, says Martínez. Based on this idea, in 2019 Obeikan is expecting to present a double-digit growth rate and direct its efforts and growth in reference export markets of the American continent.


The Spanish Technological Platform of Packaging and Packages, Packnet, organized within the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid, a session on “Innovative solutions for packaging oriented to the e-commerce of fruits and vegetables”. We were lucky they counted on us to add content to the session, reinforcing our role as a reference company for sustainable and innovative packaging.

The person in charge of the presentation was our general director, Salvador Martínez. Titled “Sustainable packaging, guarantee of success”, the intervention was marked by its clarity and practicality, since Martinez wanted to be direct, sincere and once again, practical. “There are no sustainable or unsustainable products or materials, but different solutions with a greater or lesser degree of impact in different areas”, said Salvador Martínez. The CEO of the sustainable packaging company wanted to set aside demagogy and speak clearly: “What’s important is to have a predisposed attitude to become sustainable in all areas of the company where possible, a 100% is almost impossible, but the key issue is to take the step “.

Easily recyclable, formats adjusted to the need of the consumer or that help preserve the food are some of the characteristics of a sustainable package, which above all is respectful with the environment, a feature that attracts the three links of the value chain: society, client/consumer and company.

Movements such as zero-waste, the fight against CO2emissions, being respectful with the ecological cycle of wood (from renewable sources) are some of the terms with which society is increasingly familiar and above all, aware when choosing a product or another.

Obeikan’s differential advantage is its raw material: the MDF. The material used in all our packaging comes from sustainable and controlled forest sources, turning us into allies to fight climate change. Its possibilities of reuse and combustion guarantee its use up until the end. Obeikan’s MDF is certified in wood chain of custody systems: FSC® and PEFC.

With these fundamental ideas our general director delighted those present in the audience, who didn’t miss any detail and were very pleased with the presentation. See you in the next Packnet forum!

Fruit Attraction 2018: a real success for Obeikan

On October 23rd, 24th and 25th, we attended the Fruit Attraction fair, the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair held in Madrid. We know that many of you could not attend, so we didn’t want you to miss any of the details. This year our presence at the fair was very special because, in addition to the scheduled visits – we were very glad to be able to greet and reinforce commitments with our regular customers and with new ones with whom we started a relationship that we’re sure will brings us a lot of joy-, we had two important appointments: celebrate our 10th anniversary with the sector and the honor to attend as invited speakers by Packnet, to a special day on sustainable packaging.

The spirit of celebration for the 10th anniversary was more than present throughout the event and we enjoyed this edition in a unique way. During the second day we organized at the booth of our good friends of Fruitnet, an anniversary party, to which journalists and renowned influencers of the sector were invited to a birthday breakfast where nothing was missing. We blew out the candles of a cake that was difficult to identify, since it had the exact same design as one of our Obeikan packages, a nod to that shape so characteristic of our packaging which is easily recognized in the packaging sector. With the presence of a large part of the team and our most recent incorporations, everyone was very satisfied, we took hundreds of photos and had the most productive conversations. Thank you very much to everyone who accompanied us and made it possible.

In addition, we can’t forget the conference that our CEO Salvador Martínez offered at the ‘Conference on innovative and sustainable packaging applied to the new trends of fruit and vegetable consumption’. He presented numerous practical day to day tips and encouraged those present to use packaging that respects the environment because it’s a three way win: to the company itself because it’s considered to be “aware” of environmental issues, to the client because it has the opportunity to use biodegradable and reusable materials and to the distributor, because it makes him sustainable and increase his sales. His message was clear: “the important thing is to strive to be sustainable. If it’s not possible in the whole chain, at least where feasible. It’s a question of attitude”.


Obeikan MDF demonstrates its interest in the Colombian market by attending as the sponsor and speaker the 1st edition of the Fruitnet Forum Colombia

On June 26 and 27, the Colombian capital, Bogotá, hosts the first Fruitnet Forum, a series of conferences specializing in fresh produce that highlight the importance of Colombia as an international fruit and vegetable producer and a benchmark in the continent.

The sustainable packaging multinational Obeikan sponsors this new networking event, which aims to explore the export potential of the largest fruit and vegetable production country in Latin America.

With the firm intention of becoming a key partner for packaging solutions in overseas transport, the region is an area of ​​special interest to the company, which already has clients in Brazil, Chile and Peru. In the case of Colombia, its Director General, Salvador Martínez, has declared that “it is a country in which its export figures hortofrutícolas and the quality of its production responds to the interest with which Obeikan attends this event.”

On the first day of the Fruitnet Forum conferences will be held on the current situation of Colombian exports, the evolution of global markets and the analysis of trends to understand the consumer of tomorrow.

One of the highlights of the day is, precisely, the intervention of Obeikan. Starting at 4:45, there is a debate on how the new technological solutions in machinery, logistics and pre- and post-harvest can help Colombian producers; in the session “Harnessing the power of technology”. Salvador Martínez, Managing Director of Obeikan MDF, will be a speaker at this conference in which logistics and post-harvest specialists will also participate.

Find the whole program here

Obeikan MDF presents its international expansion plan at Fruit Logistica 2018

The packaging company Obeikan MDF, part of the Obeikan Group, has presented the main lines of its international expansion plan in Berlin, the result of the increased world demand for sustainable, unique, high quality packaging and the need to provide a solution for booming foreign markets.

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New incorporation in Obeikan MDF: Jose Manuel Muñoz

At Obeikan MDF we continue to expand our personnel. That is why we welcome a new member who will help us to keep developing ourselves as professionals both globally and individually. This way we will keep improving our processes and therefore our services.

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Original packaging for Halloween

One more year we bet on adding an original design for the Halloween festivities. Last year we already set a series of very original packaging out to decorate your house on Halloween and this year we did it again.

This packaging not only carries fruit but it allows you to decorate any space at home or even use it to store all the candies you collect tonight.

The packaging designs can help you decorate any corner of your house or garden and thus spend a terrifying and healthy evening at the same time. You can share your creations with us through our Twitter: @ObeikanMDF

This 200x200x99 packaging will allow you to create the most terrifying decorations. Do you dare to dress up with the mask? Don’t forget to send us your creations!

Happy Halloween!

Fruit Attraction 2017

Fruit Attraction 2017, an international showcase for Obeikan MDF.

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The citrus season comes in with major changes. Citrus harvest forecasts of 3,143,984 tons, down 20.3% on last season, 800,000 tons less. In the same way we will observe an increase in the price of citrus fruits like orange or lemon.

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At Obeikan MDF we are always looking for agreements that allow us to grow as a company. That’s why we have reached a new association deal with ASYFE (Association of Manufacturers of Wooden Containers). This new alliance will give Obeikan MDF more institutional visibility and at the same time we will strengthen ASYFE on different fields.

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Guillermo Olas and Beatriz Fraga, new additions to the Obeikan MDF team

In Obeikan MDF we continue to expand our team to achieve the best results in our professional activity. Throughout this month we have had two incorporations that will bring a very variable experience to the company.

Guillermo Olas joins the team as Area Sales Manager of France and Morocco. Guillermo is French but has a Spanish mother and came to Spain at 21 to continue the family tradition of his father, who also developed a commercial career. His education has always been focused on the commercial sector, continuing his studies as Certificate of Higher Education in “Force de Ventes”.

In recent years he has been linked to the packaging sector more directly, as an export manager in a company dedicated to flexible packaging. Guillermo joins us to reinforce existing clients as well as develop and expand the market in France and Morocco. He is bilingual in Spanish, French and English.

Beatriz Fraga joins us as Executive Assistant of Management. Beatriz is Galician and has developed her career in the Basque Country. Her education as Management Assistant in the Deusto University opened the doors of a major German automobile company, where she worked for more than 10 years in a similar position as the profile she will develop in Obeikan. Beatriz joins us as support to the management and reinforcement to the Department of Marketing.

We continue to grow and surround ourselves with the best professionals to keep achieving goals and challenges. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


A new international project: packaging for Golden cherries in the Chinese market

In Obeikan MDf we handle every new collaboration as a challenge to get to offer a product that fits the client’s needs. On this occasion we introduce you to one of our most exotic and exclusive works along with Royal Crane, from Sutherland S.A. Produce, which is one of the biggest cherry marketers in North America. This company grows in different countries around the world to guarantee a 12-month supply to their clients in North America, Europe and above all, Asia, its most important market.

Through this project, our packaging bursts into the Chinese market with more strength than ever as this production will be destined to a promotion model of limited edition of cherries of great quality that will include a cherry of 1 ounce gold of 24 carats.

Traditionally, in China, a box of cherries can be sold for several hundreds of dollars since they are a common present on special occasions like the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Chinese New Year. According to one of the managers of the company “With this product, we head towards an extremely small market niche, but, although the price of this 1kg box is $1.888, it has arisen a great interest since the first moment”

Starting in June, this exotic and exclusive packaging will be available for only four weeks in Chinese markets. One example more that betting on a quality and innovative work offers guarantees of success

Obeikan and 9NIN

In a continuous search of innovation in our work, Obeikan MDF is always looking for new professional challenges. In this case, through a collaboration with the brand 9NIN, we have developed a series of packages to store their selection of exclusive sunglasses.

For Obeikan MDF it is an ambitious challenge to start working with brands form other areas, very different from those who we normally work with, since it gives us the possibility of reinventing our products and therefore keep improving our design and production process. The goal of every job is to provide the clients with an extra value that makes our collaboration a satisfactory process to both sides.

On the images below you can see a brief sample of our work. We encourage you to try through 9NIN, a Spanish  brand with international impact that is set to be an international model in the fashion industry. Take a look at their products in their website: http://9ninstore.com/


Shopper decisions made in-store

Today we analyze a study about the shopper decisions process made in-store that OgilvyAction has made public. This study reveals the resulting conclusions after more than 14.000 interviews to shoppers around the world.

Based on the quote “70 percent of shopper purchase decisions are made in store”, this customer behavior analysis tries to investigate what the different kinds of decisions that the clients make while shopping are thus generating actions that activate the purchase of every brand in the store.

One of the most highlighted facts claims that 28% of the clients of a store go into the shop without having decided what brand they want to buy, although they know the category of their product (food, furniture, makeup products, etc.). All this information reveals a great truth; the consumer waits until they arrive to the store to make the decisions that will determine their shopping.

That is why, from Obeikan MDF we are committed to an innovative and attractive design in the production of the packaging. We work daily to capture the attention of the final consumer in store and in that way finally convincing that large group of indecisive shoppers.

Our packaging provides extra visibility to the brands we collaborate with, standing out at the store in the perfect moment in which the consumer is going to make the purchase decision. You can find more advantages of our products clicking here.

Fruit Logistica 2017

This year, our participation in Fruit Logistica 2017 has been a success. In this international trade fair, one of the most valued ones in the sector, we were able to confirm, once again, that our products have a better visibility thanks to the numerous collaborations with different clients. Here you have some examples:


We closed the participation in Fruit Logistica 2017 with the certainty of having strengthened the professional relationships with our current clients and hoping to have made a great impression among the companies that still did not know us. Experiences like this will help us trace new lines of work for an exciting future. See you next year!



The Escoles Cor Blanquinegre educational initiative of the Fundació Valencia CF in which Obeikan MDF participates has been presented in Sagunto this Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, with the official inauguration of the Escola formed by 23 students from CEIP Baladre and CEIP La Peinaeta. Read more


The collaboration provided by Obeikan MDF will be destined mostly to “Escola Cor Blanquinegre” in Baladre district (Sagunto Port) which is made in collaboration with the CEIP Baladre center and CEIP La Pinaeta. The project is oriented to better the school performance in towns of risk whose aim is to lower the absenteeism rate as well as improve the behavior and grades. Read more


Our employees are the most important part of our company. That is why this year, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, we organized a children’s drawing competition for our workers kids.

The children had to use their imagination to create an illustration that represented this special time of the tear. The winners’ drawings have been our Christmas postcards for this year.

Here you have a touching picture of the children of one of our workers, when they picked up their award for their participation, and for such amazing creations.

Obeikan MDF cooperates on the nourishment charity collection

We feel very proud to be able to work with the Charity Center of Foodstuff of Sagunto on their great yearly pick-up. In a first donation, we have sent 200 boxes of 50x40x25 to be able to face the great collection that will take place during the next days.

Through the great charity act of hundreds of people, the Charity Center of Foodstuff of Sagunto will be able to distribute more than 17.000 kg of nourishment in our packaging to help more than 450 families. Furthermore, these packages can be reutilized and thanks to the great quality of its fabrication, its durability increases considerably.

Fruit Attraction 2016

Fruit Attraction 2016. A global showcase for Obeikan MDF

The Fruit Attraction 2016 took place last week in Madrid. It is one of the most important trade fairs in the fruit and vegetables industry. The international event welcomed 1.200 participant businesses from 30 different countries. This helped gather about 55.000 industry professionals at the same event.

Obeikan MDF had a distinguished presence at the fair through its clients. Brands of relevance like Fresón de Palos, Natur Green, Mifra, Bollo, Caparrós, Peyró Camaró, Brio, Hoogstraten (“Denberk Delice”), Ayecue (La Rioja), Grufesa, IGP Cítricos Valencianos,  Pomme Aliance, among others, showed their Obeikan MDF-fabricated packaging.

One of the most viewed display racks was EDEKA. The supermarket leader in distribution (with more than 12.000 stores) decided to promote their image through the containers Obeikan MDF made for one of their most successful promotions. The innovative design of these containers was very well received by the attendees and meant a new opportunity to showcase how the work method at Obeikan MDF is based on a firm bet on innovation.

Fruit Attraction 2016 served to confirm the growing visibility of the campaign through its clients. It was also the perfect space for the entire Obeikan MDF sales agent team and the General Manager of the firm, Salvador Martínez to visit the company’s clients and create new collaboration relationships with other important entities of the industry.

Obeikan mdf containers, pioneer in huizhan wholesale market in shanghai

Obeikan MDF made history last week in its continuous search for international expansion by arriving at the wholesale market in Huizhan, Shangai with their pit fruit containers.

A few months ago a bilateral deal was made between Spain and China to sell pit fruit at the oriental country. This has meant a new push for commercial relations between both countries in the food industry.

This pioneer line of products in China has a very interesting commercial growth margin. To Obeikan MDF it means a privilege to have been a part of this first approach in an industry that keeps expanding every year. The levels of exportation of Spanish fruits towards the Asian continent have been registering a significant growth for years and thanks to this new deal the prospects keep increasing.

The result of such a long journey has been a great success since, as shown in the pictures, the goods arrived to its distribution point in perfect conditions after having gone through more than 10.000 kilometers in 30 days, bearing with adverse temperature and humidity conditions.

Furthermore, the containers’ attractive design was very well received by the distributors who saw a great business opportunity with big potential in the Look&Feel of the brand.

The “Asia Fruit Logistica” fair was a total success for Obeikan MDF

The presence of Obeikan MDF in the “Asian Fruit Logistica” held last week in Hong Kong was a great success for the company. The annual trade fair, which welcomed 650 companies from the industry, has meant an incalculable business opportunity for Obeikan MDF, whose stand has had more than 300 visits of a high commercial interest.

This year, the fair has received more than 9.000 attendees. This establishes it as the most important in the Asian- Pacific region in its industry. The participant’s general profile was divided in:

  • Importers / Exporters
  • Retailers / Wholesalers
  • Producers / Producers
  • Packaging /Logistic

Thanks to the variety of this professional range, the fair means a space of an incalculable value for all the business in the industry who try to position themselves for future international commercial transactions. The global potential of the trade show is more than interesting since only a 66% of the buyers are Asian. The fair was visited by professionals from more than 50 countries altogether.

This event has supposed a magnificent opportunity to exhibit in front of a qualified and a high commercial interest target, a great variety of the catalogue products available at Obeikan MDF. At the same time, and face to face, its versatility was shown.


Obeikan MDF continues to increase its workforce

Obeikan MDF is continuing to grow and as a result Loreto Fernández has just joined as a Financial Controller. She has taken up the challenge of the new post in a dynamic company in full growth.

Loreto, a graduate in Business Administration and International Marketing at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has more than 5 years’ experience in international companies, and is now committed to advance Obeikan MDF.

Given her background in controlling in the automotive sector, Loreto will help by improving the control and management of production costs in a highly competitive market in which the company operates today.

Obeikan MDF welcomes Loreto Fernández.