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The tail-end of winter brings with it one of the most coveted fruits which can only be found from now until midway through spring: strawberries. The 2020 strawberry season has recently kicked off and will come to an end in May. However, despite the fact that the window for these berries is so limited, it is a category that enjoys tremendous demand among consumers. This trend is particularly prevalent in markets such as China, USA, Egypt and Germany which have the highest strawberry consumption figures, according to the market research platform IndexBox. Indeed, it’s hardly surprising when you consider some of the options for preparing and eating them: with cream, with sugar, as a jam or compote, or (our favourite) simply as they are.

There are many reasons for adding strawberries to your diet. Being very low in calories makes them an extremely healthy option, apart from which they have any number of positive nutritional properties, being a good source of vitamins B and C. Strawberries are also a great ally for combating the ‘spring fatigue’ that so many people suffer from at this time of the year, thanks to their high magnesium, potassium and vitamin K content.

Being well aware of the popularity of strawberries in the majority of households, Obeikan MDF has come up with several packaging ideas for strawberries that have been introduced recently. Our MDF material is ideal as it means that not only is it more convenient for customers to take the berries home but they can also give the packaging a second life after eating the delicious fruits. Thanks to our wide range of formats and fun designs, our products are the best option for both storage and decoration. Make sure you get the very most of your shopping by choosing sustainable, reusable MDF! Check out all our formats for fresh strawberries in our catalogue:



New Year comes full of motivation to change your habits. Actually, after Christmas celebration parties, where food is essential, the new resolutions come, and among one of the most repeated: start a healthy and balanced diet, based on fresh products that will help our body.

Once again, January is the top month for fruit and vegetable consumption at homes. In fact, the British organization Veganuary, since 2014 encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle, encouraging people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. According to the British tabloid The Guardian, Veganuary has ended this 2020, on record high with 250,000 participants signed up to the Veganuary movement.

Being aware of the importance of eating vegetables and fruits is a good way to start the year, but also realizing that the packaging that goes with them is eco-friendly and takes care of the product. At Obeikan, our MDF proposal does not mix materials, which makes it much easier to recycle. Fully committed to sustainability, our formats guarantee an environmentally conscious solution for the consumption of fresh products. In addition, the high resistance of our MDF packaging makes reusing easier. This way the consumer, once the product is finished, can reuse the packaging for storage or organization if needed. This aspect, known as Second Life, provides a differential value which makes us feel particularly proud.

Can you think of any better way to start the year than by reusing the containers of your favorite seasonal vegetables? The main vegetables of the season in January are escarole, onion or Brussels sprouts. Since we couldn’t decide on any of these vegetables, we decided to design this special packaging.

Obeikan MDF is here for the most sustainable Christmas ever

We are in December and for some weeks now, Christmas is present everywhere we go: supermarkets, shops, schools, and of course, at home. Christmas songs sound on the radio and on TV so many ads show family reunions for Christmas. Of course, in Obeikan MDF our packaging has got into the Christmas spirit and they are dressed to the nines and ready for celebration!

Like every New Year’s Eve, it’s time to recap before we settle new year’s resolutions for 2020. This year, after some reflection and looking back to all new demands that you as consumers have regarding packaging, we are proud to say that our packaging solutions meet all your requirements. They are sustainable, recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly, and in addition, you get them when buying healthy products and thus follow the recommendation of eating 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables per day.

Christmas is a time for sharing. Can you think of a better gift than the energy and taste of their favourite fruits and vegetables?

Grapes, oranges, khakis, asparagus, berries, avocados…our packaging solutions are filled with a wide variety of healthy products and highly recommended to be present in copious Christmas meals. You will not only be considering your health and your wellness, but you will also take home one of our packaging solutions  so you can reuse in any way you can imagine.

Where can I storage my cooking tools? How can I organise and place my Christmas ornaments to last for 365 days in the storage room? What can I use for Santa´s cookies and milk? So many advantages to offer! Come on, choose you Obeikan MDF for Christmas!

Don´t forget to ask for the list of all establishments where you can find products in Obeikan MDF containers.

Merry Christmas!



Lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit … If there is a product that stands out right now in the supermarket lines in the area of seasonal fruits these are citrus fruits.

In addition to having a great variety of citrus and their versatility when consuming them, the consumer chooses them for their large number of health benefits. They are an excellent and natural source of vitamins and minerals. They protect the digestive system, control the levels of cholesterol and uric acid, help keep the skin looking healthy. As you can see, only good things come from citrus fruits.

In Obeikan MDF we are also in the citrus campaign, so we want to show all our variety of boxes suitable for this kind of fruits. Fully sustainable boxes that play a double role in our house: not only conservation but also decoration. The design of the boxes can bring a cheerful touch to the our fruit corner, a corner that every home should have following the recommendation of consumming 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables per day.

In addition, once you eat the fruits, Obeikan boxes are perfect for storage of all kinds of home accessories which we find hard to find a space: toys, tools or books.

With or without lid, for family or individual consumption, with handles… Obeikan MDF citrus boxes are waiting for you. If you don´t know where to get them, contact us and we will inform you where to find them at your nearest supermarket. Sign up for the citrus season with Obeikan!


October is the month of pumpkin par excellence. In addition to being in full season, it is the time of the festival where it takes centre stage: Halloween.

Worldwide, more than 2 million hectares of pumpkin are grown each year and its growth has been increasing since 2007, not only due to the increasing population but also due to the increasing interest of consumers in healthy eating.

Pumpkin consists of 90% water and it is one of the vegetables with the fewest calories and carbohydrates. In turn, it stands out for being a rich source of folic acid, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

In the European Union, according to figures from 2018, Spain tops the ranking for the production of pumpkin, surpassing 100,000 tonnes, followed by France (96,000t), Germany (92,000t), Portugal (75,000t) and Poland (75,000t).

Obeikan MDF decided to commit to facilitating the transport and stacking of pumpkin and to solving its main obstacles: weight and size. This is why it is offering the sector a line of high-resistance packaging, with a solution that holds up to four units. Also, aware of the drop in the number of members in family units, it is also offering packaging for a single unit, 100% reusable.

Including the celebration of Halloween in our designs, at Obeikan we have different options, designs that highlight the terrifying nature of this festival and promise to triumph on the shelves of any retailer.

Don´t miss out on your box!


“The growth in the production of persimmons in Spain in the last 20 years has been phenomenal,” said the president of the Persimmon Designation of Origin, Rafael Perucho, at the last Persimmon Attraction Congress on the current situation of Spanish persimmons.

At present some 400 million kilos of persimmons are produced annually in Spain. Spanish persimmon producers have managed to reinvent themselves and in a short period of time their product has become widely known and found a niche on the shelves of the leading international supermarket chains.

Obeikan MDF, naturally enough, has designed the perfect packaging for transporting this product. Indeed, “80% of national production is exported outside Spain to markets such as Germany and France,” explains Perucho.

It is therefore essential that the product is well protected and secure during transportation, and “our boxes give producers the peace of mind that their persimmons will reach their destination in a perfect condition and ready for display at the final point of sale” emphasises Salvador Martínez, the General Manager of Obeikan MDF.

The packaging that Obeikan MDF has designed specifically for persimmons measures 275 x 175 x 86 cm, with a capacity of approximately 15 persimmons of standard calibre, thus helping producers to cover expenses and capitalize on their shipments. It’s all good!


In Spain, asparagus has a short growing season, the right conditions are only met between the months of March and May. From then on, the product mostly comes from South America and, specifically, Peru.

Obeikan has designed packaging that is able to withstand the long distances that asparagus has to travel from the other side of the ocean in order to reach European borders in perfect condition. This packaging also has several ventilation holes and a design that helps to distinguish the product that is held within the box.

With this new format, Obeikan does not want to miss the opportunity and will travel to the Andean country to attend the next edition of the Expo Alimentaria fair, from 25 to 27 September, to exhibit its packaging and show its assembly process to the professional audience.

At its stand, E61.E62, it will be possible to see several examples of the aforementioned packaging as well as a new production machine that is being launched as part of the fair.

We will see you in Peru!


The heat, the beach, afternoons on the terrace… Summer is a season that is loved and hated in equal measure. But there is one ally that overrides both viewpoints, helps to alleviate the high temperatures, and on top of that is healthy: the melon.

Obeikan has come up with several appealing packaging options to enhance the fruit known as the “queen of the summer”, with all due respect to the watermelon. Because who can possibly resist the mouth-watering thought of a fresh, juicy slice of melon?

Spain produces more than 600,000 tonnes of melons per year according to the Statista website. The most widely-grown variety is the Christmas melon which can reach a weight of more than 2.5 kg. No problem! Our packaging is designed to withstand the weight of up to three melons of the maximum size.

As with all our packaging, the handles make it easy to transport which means you can take your dessert with you whether you’re spending a day on the beach or out in the country. Plus it has a double use, as once you’ve finished the contents the box is perfect for holding your towels, parasol or flip-flops.

Don’t forget that if you have any queries about our packaging or need further information, you can contact us and/or refer to our online catalogue.






There was no way that Obeikan MDF was going to miss the V Berry Congress organized by Freshuelva in Casa Colón.

With the primary objective of international exposure, the sales team covers and attends the most important events in the sector on the Iberian Peninsula, which include this one held in the capital of Huelva on 19 and 20 June. The event offers excellent business opportunities, being attended by more than 1,200 trade professionals in the red fruit world.

Among the key topics at this edition of the congress were sustainability and product differentiation through packaging. Filipe da Silva, global account manager for red fruit at the Dutch multinational Jaguar, during his speech in Huelva, asserted that “one of the best options, which is also environmentally-friendly and responds to the demands of consumers and buyers who are now much more environmentally-aware, is using 100% recyclable packaging for our products.”

Our laser-cut containers dovetail perfectly with the trends that Da Silva highlighted in his analysis of the Spanish red fruit sector: “The treatment of product during both storage and transport cannot be neglected, and the fact is that in the Dutch and Scandinavian markets buyers and consumers ‘eat’ with their eyes and put a premium on appearance over flavour. Later on, the condition of the product in warehouses and/or supermarkets is crucial,” he explained.

Bearing these considerations in mind, Obeikan is the perfect partner for production companies to achieve optimum conservation of red fruit, thanks to the design of our packaging, which facilitates perfect stacking, automated palletization, increased structural resistance and improved ventilation, all of which guarantee that the product will reach its destination in the optimal condition.

Red fruit is an important product segment for Obeikan and our catalogue features more than 20 different formats for supplying this category. You can view some of them at the links shown below:

  • 150×100

  • 200×200

  • 300×200

  • 300×250

  • 400×300

  • 600×400



Obeikan continues its schedule of annual events and this time it is attending the leading event in the sector where the star turn is the table grape: the Global Grape Summit.

According to the organizers of the Summit, which takes place on 5 June in London: ”Grape exports worldwide have increased by more than 15% and the sector is constantly looking for effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to transport them.”

Around 3.1 million tonnes of grapes were sold around the world last year. And Obeikan, being fully aware of the growing demand from consumers for this product, is ideally placed to provide exporters and/or producers with its packaging. The crates produced by the Valencia-based company meet all the key characteristics demanded by producers for storing the product both during transportation and in-store: protection, maintenance and sustainability.

“Our duty as a company that specialises in packaging is to provide the necessary containers to meet the needs of a specific market, in this case the grape sector,” says Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan MDF. “The design of Obeikan’s packaging for table grapes offers perfect ventilation, which guarantees the maximum freshness and shelf life during transport” he adds.

The MDF material used guarantees robust packaging that minimises the risk of the product becoming damaged during shipment. Finally, the differentiating factor is “the laser technology we use for cutting, which means that the packaging can withstand any transport conditions whether by land, sea or air,” he concludes.

Obeikan’s catalogue features a variety of very attractive models in terms of design which not only attract customers’ attention by standing out at the point of sale, thanks to their specific customization for grapes, but are also environmentally-friendly, as all the company’s packaging solutions are recyclable and come from sustainable sources.

Take a look at our catalogue!






That our boxes are international is something you already know, since it’s a feature that represents us and of which we are very proud. More than 30 countries around the world show our packaging. In this new “Packaging of the Month” entry, we want to talk about the company S-Imex, based in Germany.

Sustainability, respect for the environment and the struggle to conserve and replenish the natural sources that exist in the world, are the basis of Obeikan’s working philosophy. For this reason, our relationship with S-Imex was love at first sight and now you will understand why.

S-Imex facilitates the possibility of cultivating small fruit trees and plants in houses and apartments, without the space being a problem, allowing consumers to consume fresh product directly from the orchard to the plate.

Additionally, they have a line specially dedicated to the youngest so that they can create their first orchard and learn about the importance of growing natural products. For decoration lovers, there are kits with flower seeds, and aromatic and ornamental plants. The S-Imex boxes can be found on the Aldi and C&A shelves in Germany and will soon be available in Spain, France, Holland and Denmark.

It is a “very positive collaboration for both companies”, says Salvador Martínez, CEO of Obeikan, “because it provides value in different market segments, focused on high quality, with a product oriented towards promotion at the point of sale and a differential value centered on the use of sustainable packaging”.


One of our sweetest collaborations is the one we have with the French brand LA FABRIQUE À BISCUITS-HONFLEUR.

Like us, this French company – of desserts, jams and homemade wines – takes care of the details and makes sure their products are as homemade and delicious as possible. Their sweets are famous both in the centre and on the outskirts of Normandy, where they have recently set up their shop: caramel and butter truffles, truffles with hazelnut hearts, white truffles… A delight!

Macarons and cakes complete their sweet offer. If there is something that characterises them and makes us get along so well, is their commitment to natural ingredients in their recipes, made without artificial colourants or preservatives, and their commitment to respect the environment through their boxes which… As you can imagine… are Obeikan!

The boxes chosen on this occasion are in format 15x10x4.5 and 20x20x9. The designs of LA FABRIQUE À BISCUITS-HONFLEUR’s boxes are starred by Victoire, the pastry cook; Lucien, the sailor; Trumpet, the hen and; Maravilla, the cow, the firm’s most well-known and fun representatives.

How can you resist?


This month we would like to introduce you to Sibari, one of our partners. Sibari is a Spanish brand that designs and commercialises nautical footwear, adapting materials and classic designs to the present time, inspired by the sea and the sand. A project that specially excites us since it gives us once again presence in the fashion industry, which we’re passionate about. Furthermore, it’s giving us great results with our clients.

“Obeikan’s packaging gave us the opportunity to finalize the delivery to the customer with a different and impressive box. In addition, the possibility of printing in photographic quality has allowed us to capture the Mediterranean character in the packaging”, affirms Alberto Monedero, CEO of Sibari, who speaks proudly of the differentiation that the Obeikan boxes are providing to their already exclusive line. “The feedback and acceptance among clients is being very positive”, he adds.

The company has recently presented ‘Creta’, its most sports footwear model of the entire collection to which the nautical sport model ‘Goa’, will be added in a few weeks.

The exclusivity and originality of Sibari lies in the fact that all its products are handmade in Spain, supporting like this the local economy.


The citrus season arrives and from Obeikan we prepare a year more in advance to be able to give the best service to all our customers during the time of greatest demand of these juicy products. For these fruits our specialty is the family formats, what we call Smurf, one of our most popular formats in Europe, which can contain up to 2.3kg of fruit.

In order to adapt to the smaller family units, which are increasingly more, we also have 20×20 boxes that can contain from 500gr to 1, kg approximately perfect for these new demands of the market.

Do you wonder which is the most produced citrus in the European Union? The correct answer is the orange, with a participation of almost 60% of the total production.

Discover all the formats for citrus we have!

Formats for 2,3kg


Formats for 1kg up to 500g



Our protagonist of July is this container with measures 300x200x103 ideal for the transport of mangoes, a fruit that has great nutritional properties, and a unique flavor and fragrance.

Being a very delicate fruit it is essential to transport it in a resistant packaging like this to avoid the fruit being hit during exports.

The openings of the container allow the visibility of the product to verify that it complies with the characteristics of quality, hygiene and ventilation necessary for its conservation. Find other boxes for transporting mangoes in the following links:


In Obeikan MDF we have prepared this container of measures 500x300x106 for the transport and storage of peaches.

The peaches must be treated with care during their transfer as it is highly perishable fruit, the resistance of this container allows to move and store the product in perfect condition until its arrival to the final customer.

In addition to this container size, we have developed others perfect for the transfer of this fruit full of fibre and vitamin C.

Discover all the formats for peaches that we have!

Packaging of the image:

Packaging of the month: Cherries

Spring has arrived, and with it also the first cherries from early varieties.

At Obeikan MDF we have the perfect packaging for this beloved fruit.

This box of 300x200x58 is ideal to transport cherries, even on long distance hauls, as its innovative design guarantees the fruit will reach its destination in top condition. Furthermore, it’s so pretty consumers won’t hesitate to take it home and will perhaps find it a second use as decoration.

In Obeikan MDF we have developed other containers in different sizes between 200x200x69, 200x200x85, 200x200x99, 300x200x56 and 300x200x97 among others, perfect for the transport and storage of this fruit full of vitamins and trace elements.

Know them here!

Packaging of the month: berries

These containers of 200x200x59, 300x200x58, 300x200x99, 300x250x77 are perfect for berries that include the whole family of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries.

At Obeikan MDF we have developed these containers of measures between 200x200x59, 300x200x58, 300x200x99 and 300x250x77 for the transportation and storage of berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.

Its innovative design along with the packaging material and its suitable size allows these foods to be kept in the perfect state of humidity and freshness that the delicate products require. They are also transported in the best conditions to their final destination without suffering damage.

Packaging of the month: pineapple

This 300x200x185 packaging is perfect for gifting a sweet and healthy pineapple. If on these festive days you gift wines, cavas and sweets, why not give your host a super healthy and original option?

Read more

Packaging of the month: Pumpkin

This 300x200x99 packaging in a suitcase form is perfect for pumpkins.

Its innovative design qualifies it to keep the food in perfect conditions until its arrival to the supermarket. In addition, the packaging has multiple advantages. Not only does it easy the transportation it is also perfect for the consumer: for the same price they get an extra product since it can be presented as a gift, a suitcase that includes a pumpkin; they will also be able to  recycle the packaging for a second life. Decorations, storage, etc.

Have you tried it yet?

Packaging of the month: citrus

Commonly known as “The Smurf”, the 300x200x99 packaging succeeds every season in the supermarket linears. A box designed as a sales unit, this packaging makes buying easier for the final customer since in just one gesture, they have their groceries ready to go: no weighing, no bags, no extra containers. Also thanks to the beautiful design suggested by Obeikan MDF, the packaging stays at the customer’s house for other uses. This is how we cooperate to reuse and recycle. What more can you ask for in a packaging?


In Obeikan MDF we have developed a design, adaptable to a very particular socket inspired in the concept of a box of chocolates. Although it is a container that was initially developed for applications of strawberry, in this next season of cherries we are working to provide the best service. We are proud to be the only one in the industry that has achieved success in this format. We continue working every day to get more innovative designs to continue looking for the next trends and opening the way.