The collaboration provided by Obeikan MDF will be destined mostly to “Escola Cor Blanquinegre” in Baladre district (Sagunto Port) which is made in collaboration with the CEIP Baladre center and CEIP La Pinaeta. The project is oriented to better the school performance in towns of risk whose aim is to lower the absenteeism rate as well as improve the behavior and grades.

The initiative counts on the participation of 20 students from 5th and 6th grade who will participate in a weekly training session at the Municipal Field of Baladre, between October 2016 and June 2017. Besides the weekly training sessions, the students will enjoy different activities during the season such as the celebration of a tournament at the Ciudad Deportiva of VCF and the invitation to the event “Yo Pisé Mestalla” as well as the attendance to a VCF match.