The citrus season comes in with major changes. Citrus harvest forecasts of 3,143,984 tons, down 20.3% on last season, 800,000 tons less. In the same way we will observe an increase in the price of citrus fruits like orange or lemon.

This will not mean a decrease in the production in our factory in Valencia, where they already work ceaselessly to achieve optimal packaging for the perfect distribution of these products. A large part of this volume will end up in the lines of important international supermarkets. The fact is that its great value as a promotional package continues to arouse great interest in the major distribution chains.

At Obeikan MDF we continue to work to the maximum every season to achieve optimal results thus keeping the company in constant growth. Thanks to our customers’ confidence in us every day, we achieve our goals and establish ourselves as the innovative and sustainable packaging company of reference.