“New Mini”

Innovation is undoubtedly the hallmark of Obeikan and the latest sample of unique and original differentiation is presented through our ‘mini’ formats. Packaging of 150x100x45mm ideal for any category of small-sized fruits such as berries, cherries, grapes or even clementines.

The novelty in these packaging is not only its size but also its form of presentation. The package is delivered disassembled, in a band of dimensions similar to an A4, with what becomes a fun puzzle that each client can assemble in a few seconds.

Its official launch has been today at the Fruitnet Forum Colombia, where each and every one of the attendees received our mini format as a souvenir. If you are there, do not miss it and, if you have not been able to go to Congress, do not worry because soon we will have more occasions where you can collect yours.