Obeikan mdf containers, pioneer in huizhan wholesale market in shanghai

Obeikan MDF made history last week in its continuous search for international expansion by arriving at the wholesale market in Huizhan, Shangai with their pit fruit containers.

A few months ago a bilateral deal was made between Spain and China to sell pit fruit at the oriental country. This has meant a new push for commercial relations between both countries in the food industry.

This pioneer line of products in China has a very interesting commercial growth margin. To Obeikan MDF it means a privilege to have been a part of this first approach in an industry that keeps expanding every year. The levels of exportation of Spanish fruits towards the Asian continent have been registering a significant growth for years and thanks to this new deal the prospects keep increasing.

The result of such a long journey has been a great success since, as shown in the pictures, the goods arrived to its distribution point in perfect conditions after having gone through more than 10.000 kilometers in 30 days, bearing with adverse temperature and humidity conditions.

Furthermore, the containers’ attractive design was very well received by the distributors who saw a great business opportunity with big potential in the Look&Feel of the brand.