Obeikan MDF is here for the most sustainable Christmas ever

We are in December and for some weeks now, Christmas is present everywhere we go: supermarkets, shops, schools, and of course, at home. Christmas songs sound on the radio and on TV so many ads show family reunions for Christmas. Of course, in Obeikan MDF our packaging has got into the Christmas spirit and they are dressed to the nines and ready for celebration!

Like every New Year’s Eve, it’s time to recap before we settle new year’s resolutions for 2020. This year, after some reflection and looking back to all new demands that you as consumers have regarding packaging, we are proud to say that our packaging solutions meet all your requirements. They are sustainable, recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly, and in addition, you get them when buying healthy products and thus follow the recommendation of eating 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables per day.

Christmas is a time for sharing. Can you think of a better gift than the energy and taste of their favourite fruits and vegetables?

Grapes, oranges, khakis, asparagus, berries, avocados…our packaging solutions are filled with a wide variety of healthy products and highly recommended to be present in copious Christmas meals. You will not only be considering your health and your wellness, but you will also take home one of our packaging solutions  so you can reuse in any way you can imagine.

Where can I storage my cooking tools? How can I organise and place my Christmas ornaments to last for 365 days in the storage room? What can I use for Santa´s cookies and milk? So many advantages to offer! Come on, choose you Obeikan MDF for Christmas!

Don´t forget to ask for the list of all establishments where you can find products in Obeikan MDF containers.

Merry Christmas!