This month we would like to introduce you to Sibari, one of our partners. Sibari is a Spanish brand that designs and commercialises nautical footwear, adapting materials and classic designs to the present time, inspired by the sea and the sand. A project that specially excites us since it gives us once again presence in the fashion industry, which we’re passionate about. Furthermore, it’s giving us great results with our clients.

“Obeikan’s packaging gave us the opportunity to finalize the delivery to the customer with a different and impressive box. In addition, the possibility of printing in photographic quality has allowed us to capture the Mediterranean character in the packaging”, affirms Alberto Monedero, CEO of Sibari, who speaks proudly of the differentiation that the Obeikan boxes are providing to their already exclusive line. “The feedback and acceptance among clients is being very positive”, he adds.

The company has recently presented ‘Creta’, its most sports footwear model of the entire collection to which the nautical sport model ‘Goa’, will be added in a few weeks.

The exclusivity and originality of Sibari lies in the fact that all its products are handmade in Spain, supporting like this the local economy.