In Spain, asparagus has a short growing season, the right conditions are only met between the months of March and May. From then on, the product mostly comes from South America and, specifically, Peru.

Obeikan has designed packaging that is able to withstand the long distances that asparagus has to travel from the other side of the ocean in order to reach European borders in perfect condition. This packaging also has several ventilation holes and a design that helps to distinguish the product that is held within the box.

With this new format, Obeikan does not want to miss the opportunity and will travel to the Andean country to attend the next edition of the Expo Alimentaria fair, from 25 to 27 September, to exhibit its packaging and show its assembly process to the professional audience.

At its stand, E61.E62, it will be possible to see several examples of the aforementioned packaging as well as a new production machine that is being launched as part of the fair.

We will see you in Peru!