Obeikan continues its schedule of annual events and this time it is attending the leading event in the sector where the star turn is the table grape: the Global Grape Summit.

According to the organizers of the Summit, which takes place on 5 June in London: ”Grape exports worldwide have increased by more than 15% and the sector is constantly looking for effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to transport them.”

Around 3.1 million tonnes of grapes were sold around the world last year. And Obeikan, being fully aware of the growing demand from consumers for this product, is ideally placed to provide exporters and/or producers with its packaging. The crates produced by the Valencia-based company meet all the key characteristics demanded by producers for storing the product both during transportation and in-store: protection, maintenance and sustainability.

“Our duty as a company that specialises in packaging is to provide the necessary containers to meet the needs of a specific market, in this case the grape sector,” says Salvador Martínez, General Manager of Obeikan MDF. “The design of Obeikan’s packaging for table grapes offers perfect ventilation, which guarantees the maximum freshness and shelf life during transport” he adds.

The MDF material used guarantees robust packaging that minimises the risk of the product becoming damaged during shipment. Finally, the differentiating factor is “the laser technology we use for cutting, which means that the packaging can withstand any transport conditions whether by land, sea or air,” he concludes.

Obeikan’s catalogue features a variety of very attractive models in terms of design which not only attract customers’ attention by standing out at the point of sale, thanks to their specific customization for grapes, but are also environmentally-friendly, as all the company’s packaging solutions are recyclable and come from sustainable sources.

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