The heat, the beach, afternoons on the terrace… Summer is a season that is loved and hated in equal measure. But there is one ally that overrides both viewpoints, helps to alleviate the high temperatures, and on top of that is healthy: the melon.

Obeikan has come up with several appealing packaging options to enhance the fruit known as the “queen of the summer”, with all due respect to the watermelon. Because who can possibly resist the mouth-watering thought of a fresh, juicy slice of melon?

Spain produces more than 600,000 tonnes of melons per year according to the Statista website. The most widely-grown variety is the Christmas melon which can reach a weight of more than 2.5 kg. No problem! Our packaging is designed to withstand the weight of up to three melons of the maximum size.

As with all our packaging, the handles make it easy to transport which means you can take your dessert with you whether you’re spending a day on the beach or out in the country. Plus it has a double use, as once you’ve finished the contents the box is perfect for holding your towels, parasol or flip-flops.

Don’t forget that if you have any queries about our packaging or need further information, you can contact us and/or refer to our online catalogue.