“The growth in the production of persimmons in Spain in the last 20 years has been phenomenal,” said the president of the Persimmon Designation of Origin, Rafael Perucho, at the last Persimmon Attraction Congress on the current situation of Spanish persimmons.

At present some 400 million kilos of persimmons are produced annually in Spain. Spanish persimmon producers have managed to reinvent themselves and in a short period of time their product has become widely known and found a niche on the shelves of the leading international supermarket chains.

Obeikan MDF, naturally enough, has designed the perfect packaging for transporting this product. Indeed, “80% of national production is exported outside Spain to markets such as Germany and France,” explains Perucho.

It is therefore essential that the product is well protected and secure during transportation, and “our boxes give producers the peace of mind that their persimmons will reach their destination in a perfect condition and ready for display at the final point of sale” emphasises Salvador Martínez, the General Manager of Obeikan MDF.

The packaging that Obeikan MDF has designed specifically for persimmons measures 275 x 175 x 86 cm, with a capacity of approximately 15 persimmons of standard calibre, thus helping producers to cover expenses and capitalize on their shipments. It’s all good!