Lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit … If there is a product that stands out right now in the supermarket lines in the area of seasonal fruits these are citrus fruits.

In addition to having a great variety of citrus and their versatility when consuming them, the consumer chooses them for their large number of health benefits. They are an excellent and natural source of vitamins and minerals. They protect the digestive system, control the levels of cholesterol and uric acid, help keep the skin looking healthy. As you can see, only good things come from citrus fruits.

In Obeikan MDF we are also in the citrus campaign, so we want to show all our variety of boxes suitable for this kind of fruits. Fully sustainable boxes that play a double role in our house: not only conservation but also decoration. The design of the boxes can bring a cheerful touch to the our fruit corner, a corner that every home should have following the recommendation of consumming 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables per day.

In addition, once you eat the fruits, Obeikan boxes are perfect for storage of all kinds of home accessories which we find hard to find a space: toys, tools or books.

With or without lid, for family or individual consumption, with handles… Obeikan MDF citrus boxes are waiting for you. If you don´t know where to get them, contact us and we will inform you where to find them at your nearest supermarket. Sign up for the citrus season with Obeikan!