The tail-end of winter brings with it one of the most coveted fruits which can only be found from now until midway through spring: strawberries. The 2020 strawberry season has recently kicked off and will come to an end in May. However, despite the fact that the window for these berries is so limited, it is a category that enjoys tremendous demand among consumers. This trend is particularly prevalent in markets such as China, USA, Egypt and Germany which have the highest strawberry consumption figures, according to the market research platform IndexBox. Indeed, it’s hardly surprising when you consider some of the options for preparing and eating them: with cream, with sugar, as a jam or compote, or (our favourite) simply as they are.

There are many reasons for adding strawberries to your diet. Being very low in calories makes them an extremely healthy option, apart from which they have any number of positive nutritional properties, being a good source of vitamins B and C. Strawberries are also a great ally for combating the ‘spring fatigue’ that so many people suffer from at this time of the year, thanks to their high magnesium, potassium and vitamin K content.

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