Obeikan MDF will disclose the future of fruit and vegetable packaging in Berlin

Obeikan MDF, the sustainable packaging company which belongs to the Obeikan Group, is once again attending one of the most important international events in the fruit and vegetable industry, Fruit Logistica. On this occasion, to take part in the Fruit Logistica World of Fresh Ideas congress,an event that has become the official starting point of the fair and which brings together the production and retail industries, to analyse where the fresh produce industry is heading in the short term.

For the first time, the fourth edition of the congress will host a special section dedicated to packaging. “The importance of having safe, sustainable and practical packaging has increased considerably over the last 12 months so has consumers awareness of its impact on the environment. Consequently, the international fresh produce business needs even more innovation in this area”, as assessed from the organisation of the congress.

Leading this new section, Fruit Logistica World of Fresh Ideas will count with the presence of Obeikan MDF General Manager, Salvador Martínez, who will share his view on the current situation of the packaging industry, continuing with the forecast of the characteristics and conditions that perishable packaging must meet in the coming years. “Consumers’ increasing concern for sustainability has led to an increasing involvement of both the producing and retail industries, in the arrival and presentation of fresh produce on the shelves”, said Salvador Martínez, who will also evaluate the impact this is having on companies dedicated to packaging and reveal the trends they have identified as prevailing in the packaging industry in the coming years.

For more than a decade, Obeikan MDF has been dedicated to custom production of wood fibre packaging. The containers’ shape is achieved by laser cutting, allowing it to obtain a homogeneous surface. Obeikan does not use any other material for its boxes, makes recycling easier, and counts on the simple latest technology assembling system, providing great resistance to the solution it proposes. In addition, MDF material enables you to personalise the boxes, obtaining a high-quality result that allows brands that trust Obeikan, be distributed all over the world.

Increasingly used for the packaging of fruit and vegetables, Obeikan has already introduced its packaging throughout the 5 continents, reaching anywhere in the globe quickly and easily, since it can send the order disassembled offering the possibility of direct assembly in their customers storage centres.

The results derived from 2018 reflect the growing interest of European markets in Obeikan MDF packaging. For the first time, the United Kingdom ranked first in its ranking of partner countries, surpassing Germany. Switzerland and the Nordic countries follow up, on an on-going growing list.

The multinational has always expressed its interest in all markets that “make quality their standard for export”, says Martínez. Based on this idea, in 2019 Obeikan is expecting to present a double-digit growth rate and direct its efforts and growth in reference export markets of the American continent.


Our protagonist of July is this container with measures 300x200x103 ideal for the transport of mangoes, a fruit that has great nutritional properties, and a unique flavor and fragrance.

Being a very delicate fruit it is essential to transport it in a resistant packaging like this to avoid the fruit being hit during exports.

The openings of the container allow the visibility of the product to verify that it complies with the characteristics of quality, hygiene and ventilation necessary for its conservation. Find other boxes for transporting mangoes in the following links:

Obeikan MDF demonstrates its interest in the Colombian market by attending as the sponsor and speaker the 1st edition of the Fruitnet Forum Colombia

On June 26 and 27, the Colombian capital, Bogotá, hosts the first Fruitnet Forum, a series of conferences specializing in fresh produce that highlight the importance of Colombia as an international fruit and vegetable producer and a benchmark in the continent.

The sustainable packaging multinational Obeikan sponsors this new networking event, which aims to explore the export potential of the largest fruit and vegetable production country in Latin America.

With the firm intention of becoming a key partner for packaging solutions in overseas transport, the region is an area of ​​special interest to the company, which already has clients in Brazil, Chile and Peru. In the case of Colombia, its Director General, Salvador Martínez, has declared that “it is a country in which its export figures hortofrutícolas and the quality of its production responds to the interest with which Obeikan attends this event.”

On the first day of the Fruitnet Forum conferences will be held on the current situation of Colombian exports, the evolution of global markets and the analysis of trends to understand the consumer of tomorrow.

One of the highlights of the day is, precisely, the intervention of Obeikan. Starting at 4:45, there is a debate on how the new technological solutions in machinery, logistics and pre- and post-harvest can help Colombian producers; in the session “Harnessing the power of technology”. Salvador Martínez, Managing Director of Obeikan MDF, will be a speaker at this conference in which logistics and post-harvest specialists will also participate.

Find the whole program here